Dresses M-Z Final Post!

1. MIU

2. Miel

3. Niniko

4. “*Noju*

5. !Ohmai

6. Oyakin

7. Pididdle

8. Pin Up Dolls

9. Rebel Hope (Wedding dress)

10. Red Ruin

11. Snowpaw

12. Sari’s

13. This Is A Fawn

14. The Closet

15. WhoNose

16. Yomeshoujo

17. Zaara

18. Zenith



\o/ So I keep getting ideas for new things to make for my shop! lol Now I’m making mittens and scarves cos the weather is so dark and cold. Ok so these mittens are more for looking good that practical cos the strap isnt that long! I <3 these new boots from Beetlebones. I bought them as soon as I saw the update notecard from suetabulous Yootz. I was so excited when I saw them, and even more excited cos suetabulous was at the store when I tp’d there! She gave me new Satin Flats cos I said I was putting the slurl to her mainstore in my blog \o/ Hehe! Thanks suetabulous! I’ve not got much else to say today so hope you like the pics and go to my shop ;P BTW I got midnight mania at my store! *~*evie*~*






Hair- Shop Seu ‘kurukuru hair long [brown]’

Skin- [the.oBscene] ‘Braelyn Seraphina OP GIFT’ (Skin/Shape expo)

Top- (Jacket layer) xxYOMESHOUJOxx ‘*000*’ (Part of dress)

Shirt- Diapop- ‘Kinkee: top’

Pants- OuT.RAGE ‘Keiko (Teal)’

Shoes- Beetlebones ‘Snuggies low boots in wine’

Mittens- *~*evie*~* No official name yet and not for sale yet.. soon I promise \o/)

043. Starry Eyes

I was re-visiting some of my landmarks to get the slurls for my blog and one of them was xxYOMESHOUJOxx. I saw this dress on a stand in the center of the shop, it was the stars hanging off the bottom of the skirt that caught my eye. I then noticed the stars that make up the back of the dress and the black netting under layer of the skirt which I think is just adorable. I bought the shoes at Kalnins after seeing them in Uma’s blog a couple of days ago. They are awesome cos they are scripted, and you are given options to change the colours, add shine, re -size and position them. Anyways, I can’t be bothered to write any more so enjoy the pics!

Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes 3

Hair- [rQ] ‘Fever- Blonde’

Skin- [curio] ‘Lumine- Sweet’

Dress- xxYOMESHOUJOxx ‘*Dotstar*’

Shoes- Kalnins Shoes ‘Coquette’

Moon pose in first pic from Imperial Elegance ‘Moon Poses’ Freebie

037. The Gang

This is just a random blog I decided to do with my family & friends.  I got this group pose from *ES* and it is so awesome. I love it. Anyways I’m not gonna write loads in this part because I have a lot to write underneath the pics!

Sexy ladies

The Gang(Left – Right)

Petro wears:

Hair- *+BM+’Ruby Black’

Skin- Redgrave ‘Deep Tan Skin’

Jacket- ::Tango New York:: ‘Urban Grunge Black Jumper’

Pants- (unknown) ‘Rider Pants Mens’

Boots- DrawMachine ‘Biker Boots Classic’

Tattoos- *Indian Ink* ‘Celtic Tribe’

Cox wears:

Hair- Argrace ‘Glide’

Skin- Soul ‘African M11’

Jacket- ]monogrind[ ‘they wont’s stay dead tank’

Pants- TonkTastic ‘Urban Camo pants’

Shoes- TonkTastic ‘ Short Combat Boots’

Gloves- TonkTastic ‘Fingerless Gloves (biker)

Socks- Meriken Co. ‘Back- Side Sox’

Belt- {soap} ‘Stud Muffin belt’

On arms- TonkTastic ‘Urban Arm Belts’

Fruiti wears:

Hair- 0 Style ‘Dana Swedish Blonde’

Skin- Soul ‘African M7’

Tattoos- >>>moloko<<< ‘Stars & Swallows Tattoo’

Top- [Renegade] ‘Union Jill Halter Top’

Jacket- Freesoul ‘Black and White Hoodie’

Pants- Freesoul ‘Sexy Shorts Jeans Black’

Socks- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby Outfit’

Shoes- [ON] ‘Wo Boots’

Evie wears:

Hair- *Argrace* ‘Casket (Button)’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Bikin Top- *X*plosion ‘CrossRoad Bikini’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- *F.A.T* ‘Sport- stylez’

Shoes- [SP] ‘Brown-X-Retro Sneaker’

Tattoos- Attitude Tattoo ‘Slinked’

Arm Bracers- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Ally Cat Bracers’

Lyli wears:

Hair- Kin-Karei ‘[Black burgundy]’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber’

Top- Barerose ‘Damaged Shirts Lady’

Skirt- Barerose ‘Tartan Tartan Red’

Shoes- mundo neko ‘Bota Xadrez’

Undershirt- *Danika Design* ‘Meeeeoowww Body suit vendor’

Socks- *[DIAPOP]* ‘Band Aid ‘ (Group Gift)

Necklace- *NoCa* ‘Eat More Fish!’

Whiskers- >M< ‘Whiskers pack’

Bandages- Neko Case ‘Bandages [Mis- Matched]

Ears- .:Black Heart:. ‘Shadow Lynx Ears’

Tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

yu wears:

Hair- Bish ‘(DBS) Serenity Black’

Skin- Soul ‘African M14’

Tattoo- Luce ‘Teardrop’

Top- xx yomeshoujo xx ‘*muu*’

Pants- anuenue ‘Moutan half Pants’

Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit ‘Pornstar Trainers- High Tops’

Belt- (unknown) ‘Retro Toys Belt’

Eira wears:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Chiffon’

Skin- (Milk Motion) ‘NINON Skin *basic*’

Top- &Bean ‘Ah Shush I know it’s a heart’

Pants- [Pink] ‘Producer Pant- Wine’

Shoes- TOSL ‘*minnie* Ruffle Pumps v1.1 Classic Polka’