Glance Style Sim Opening Party

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is opening the doors to a second island 'Glance Style'. The sim was built by Chloris Hathor, a known grid- wide architect and building designer. Bloggers were given a chance to visit the new sim before the opening party, hence the reason why I am writing a post about the sim… Continue reading Glance Style Sim Opening Party

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Fab Free Hits 10,000 Members!

Well actually now the group has 10,364! It's mental when the group reaches an important milestone, masses of notices pour in with all sorts of gifts! It seems like only yesterday the group hit 8,000 members! I've selected some of the gifts that were sent out for you to see ūüôā Credits- Outfit 1 Hair… Continue reading Fab Free Hits 10,000 Members!

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Shoes & Accessories Hunt

So out of pure boredom I decided I'd start doing the Shoes and Accessories Hunt yesterday, by the time I got to the 9th one I was bored so gave up (plus I¬†couldn't find the shoe) ¬†I went back again today and got to number 26, only another 100 or so to go! lol. This… Continue reading Shoes & Accessories¬†Hunt

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037. The Gang

This is just a random blog I decided to do with my family & friends. ¬†I got this group pose from *ES* and it is so awesome. I love it. Anyways I'm not gonna write loads in this part because I have a lot to write underneath the pics! (Left - Right) Petro wears: Hair-… Continue reading 037. The¬†Gang