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Romantic Lavender Bedroom

Cwtch. Dirty Concrete Room (SleepingKoala Resident) for 30L Saturday @ Cwtch Serenity Style- Eterma Bed Green/Lavender (Hanstrid Inshan) Serenity Style- Rusty Mirror Serenity Style- Home Sweet Home Hanger [Schultz Bros.] Beverly Rug V1.0 (yogijo) Vagabond - Pearl's Mobile (Shawneese Offcourse) 2.DRD- RB - old cabinet c/m (modded - decor on fireplace originally from the cabinet)… Continue reading Romantic Lavender Bedroom

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Pray for Paris

Credits the mustard seed: shabby chic Eiffel Tower clock (Lavinia Godenot) Free today @ Mainstore the mustard seed: eiffel tower mirror _v.3 (Lavinia Godenot) @ Mainstore Scarlet Creative Atley House C88 (Charlotte Bartlett) @ C88 Kalopsia - Hanging Stars (Isabeau Baragula) 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Bed (8f8) 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Desk (8f8)… Continue reading Pray for Paris