Not so Trashy

Each outfit includes a prize from the Starlust Trash and Garbage Hunt. Some of the prizes aren’t free though, they cost L$1. My hands are too cold to type lol Hope you like the outfits.






Outfit 1

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Wing (dark brown)

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine <Honey> Crush’

Jumper- [gisele] ‘en roulent/ grenadine’

Skirt- AOHARU ‘Freestyle GinghamCheck Skirt (Starlust Hunt)

Socks- Shiny Things ‘Knit Knee Socks dark’

Shoes- [ON] ‘petanko cross camel’

Glasses- HALA ‘Harold Glasses’ (Starlust Hunt)


Outfit 2

Hair- ‘Cassie- Cranky brown’

Skin- HS ‘Serenity Dark Shines’

Top- AOHARU ‘Freestyle Spring Turtle’

Jeans- Fishy Strawberry ‘Equinox Jeans Stone’

Brooch- *+.RP.+* ‘HA2 Chain Cross Energy Green’ (moded originally hair accessory)

Shoes- [ON] ‘petanko cross camel’


Outfit 3

Hair- Decoy ‘Nicole’

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Skye <Chai> Scene’

Cardigan- !Ohmai ‘Basic Pocket Cardigan blank’

T-shirts Pig ‘Anarchist Slumber Party/Olive’ (Starlust hunt)

Pants- oyakin ‘Summer Leggins’ (Freebie)

Shoes- Kalnins ‘Promenade’

Hair accessory DP yumyum ‘katyusha’ (Group gift)


Poses from @waffles & LAP





Dolly Tears & Rust

There are 5 skin tones in the new skins range at [Pink Fuel]. Cream is for those peeps that like really pale skin, then they get darker-Almond‘, ‘Honey‘, ‘Chai andToffee. Each range has 4 sets, ‘The Colours’, ‘The Smoldering‘, ‘The Reds‘ and ‘The Tears‘ (which can be bought in Fatpacks for L$2800, or in single packs for L$750). There are 5 makeup packs in each set, and in each of the separate packs there are 4 options, two dark eyebrows with & without freckles, and two light eyebrows with & without freckles. Jeez isn’t that confusing! If you don’t understand just go down to the store!

I’m showing you two packs, the Honey skin range, and the packs ‘Rust‘ and  ‘Dolly Tears (red)‘. I instantly went to the Honey range cos it’s the skin tone I liked best and suited my avie the best. It was so hard to choose which pack I wanted though! I deffo recommend you go down and have a look at them!

Raine RustRaine HoneyCredits:

Pic 1

Hair- =TekuTeku= ‘Freebie Hair 2’

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine &lt;Honey> Rust dk brow, dk brow freck, lt brow, lt brow freck’

Pants- Cat’s Eye ‘undies flowers’

Pic 2

Hair- B Spot ‘Anne Hair’ (Hair Fair)

Skin- [Pink Fuel] ‘Raine &lt;Honey> Dolly Tears Red dk brow, dk brow freck, lt brow, lt brow freck’

Pants- cat’s Eye ‘undies flowers’

050. Sailor Girl

It didn’t really take long to come up with this outfit, I’d got this vest/cardigan from Doux Petit Dahl is several colours because they were only L$1 each (btw there’s a sale going on there atm- I’ve got the slurl posted in my slurls on this page). When I tried this blue and white one on it reminded me of like a sailor outfit. I didn’t have any white shorts but I remembered there were some cute ones down at *Linc*, which can be bought in several colours, each with the option of buttoned up or unbuttoned. The suspenders (actually called bracers over in the UK) don’t come with the pants so have to be bought seperately (which I didn’t realise till after I got home! lol). The converse style shoes where the only ones that would look ok with the outfit, plus they are scripted so I could change the colour. :) I wanted to show off the sunglasses (from Role Optic) so needed hair that was tied up but still a bit funky that showed the glasses clearly.

Sailor Girl

Sailor Girl 3

Where I got everything:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘2008 Autumn Freebie Hair’

Shirt- Doux Petit Dahl ‘Striped Cardivest- Blue’

Pants- *Linc* ‘Button Short White’

Suspenders- *Linc* ‘ Suspenders White’ (Jacket Layer)’

Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit ‘Pornstar Hi- Tops Multicolour v2’

Sunglasses- Role Optic ‘Gala SG-57’

Poses -AnaLu-, *ED*, Striking Poses

037. The Gang

This is just a random blog I decided to do with my family & friends.  I got this group pose from *ES* and it is so awesome. I love it. Anyways I’m not gonna write loads in this part because I have a lot to write underneath the pics!

Sexy ladies

The Gang(Left – Right)

Petro wears:

Hair- *+BM+’Ruby Black’

Skin- Redgrave ‘Deep Tan Skin’

Jacket- ::Tango New York:: ‘Urban Grunge Black Jumper’

Pants- (unknown) ‘Rider Pants Mens’

Boots- DrawMachine ‘Biker Boots Classic’

Tattoos- *Indian Ink* ‘Celtic Tribe’

Cox wears:

Hair- Argrace ‘Glide’

Skin- Soul ‘African M11’

Jacket- ]monogrind[ ‘they wont’s stay dead tank’

Pants- TonkTastic ‘Urban Camo pants’

Shoes- TonkTastic ‘ Short Combat Boots’

Gloves- TonkTastic ‘Fingerless Gloves (biker)

Socks- Meriken Co. ‘Back- Side Sox’

Belt- {soap} ‘Stud Muffin belt’

On arms- TonkTastic ‘Urban Arm Belts’

Fruiti wears:

Hair- 0 Style ‘Dana Swedish Blonde’

Skin- Soul ‘African M7’

Tattoos- >>>moloko<<< ‘Stars & Swallows Tattoo’

Top- [Renegade] ‘Union Jill Halter Top’

Jacket- Freesoul ‘Black and White Hoodie’

Pants- Freesoul ‘Sexy Shorts Jeans Black’

Socks- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby Outfit’

Shoes- [ON] ‘Wo Boots’

Evie wears:

Hair- *Argrace* ‘Casket (Button)’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Bikin Top- *X*plosion ‘CrossRoad Bikini’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- *F.A.T* ‘Sport- stylez’

Shoes- [SP] ‘Brown-X-Retro Sneaker’

Tattoos- Attitude Tattoo ‘Slinked’

Arm Bracers- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Ally Cat Bracers’

Lyli wears:

Hair- Kin-Karei ‘[Black burgundy]’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber’

Top- Barerose ‘Damaged Shirts Lady’

Skirt- Barerose ‘Tartan Tartan Red’

Shoes- mundo neko ‘Bota Xadrez’

Undershirt- *Danika Design* ‘Meeeeoowww Body suit vendor’

Socks- *[DIAPOP]* ‘Band Aid ‘ (Group Gift)

Necklace- *NoCa* ‘Eat More Fish!’

Whiskers- >M< ‘Whiskers pack’

Bandages- Neko Case ‘Bandages [Mis- Matched]

Ears- .:Black Heart:. ‘Shadow Lynx Ears’

Tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

yu wears:

Hair- Bish ‘(DBS) Serenity Black’

Skin- Soul ‘African M14’

Tattoo- Luce ‘Teardrop’

Top- xx yomeshoujo xx ‘*muu*’

Pants- anuenue ‘Moutan half Pants’

Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit ‘Pornstar Trainers- High Tops’

Belt- (unknown) ‘Retro Toys Belt’

Eira wears:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Chiffon’

Skin- (Milk Motion) ‘NINON Skin *basic*’

Top- &Bean ‘Ah Shush I know it’s a heart’

Pants- [Pink] ‘Producer Pant- Wine’

Shoes- TOSL ‘*minnie* Ruffle Pumps v1.1 Classic Polka’