“Life is about getting up an hour early to live an hour more”



Getting up time in our home is 6am, when the 3-year-old says “I’M HUNGRY” or “I WANT TO GO DOWNSTAIRS” (in capitals because she’s usually shouting – which wakes up the baby). I get up, stumble out of bed clutching the baby and walk very much like a zombie down the stairs (trying not to fall down them) and put the kettle on. Coffee is what gets me through the day on roughly 3 hours of sleep. Seriously, if you like sleeping, DON’T HAVE KIDS!

There are a lot of lovely things out at the moment, at Collabor88, Shiny Shabby and The Arcade (all of which end soon I think). I’ve missed out on a lot of great new releases, so I definitely have some catching up to do!

Build | Scarlet Creative Oceania Beach House 0.3 | Charlotte Bartlett @ C88
Cookies | dust bunny . homemade summer treats . cooling cookies | lxlNoel @ C88
Cookbook | dust bunny . homemade summer treats . recipe book | lxlNoel @ C88
Sink | 4. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Worktop & Sink | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
Shelf 1 | 9. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Shelf with Mugs | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
Mug rack | 10. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Wall Cup Shelf | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
21. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Wall Flowers | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
Shelf 2 | 25. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Shelf | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
Cooker | 12. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Cooker  | Stella Sangria @ The Arcade
Cutlery | PLAAKA BentWoodCutleryStand A | Zazie Daviau @ The Arcade
Frying pans | Nutmeg. Old Frying Pans | NevaCrystall @ Shiny Shabby
Pans | PLAAKA IvyPanRack | Zazie Daviau @ Shiny Shabby
Rug PLAAKA MoroccanRunnerRug| Zazie Daviau @ Shiny Shabby
Kitchen cabinets| dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . corner cabinet | lxlNoel
Kitchen cabinets | dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . end cabinet | lxlNoel
Fridge | dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . vintage fridge | lxlNoel
Print 1 | tarte. vintage frame (tea) | alixxbella
Print 2 | tarte. vintage frame (lemonade)| alixxbella
Tiles | ChiMia:: Serenity Splashback Tiles | Markus Slingshot
Bread | Apple Fall Poppy Seed Loaves | warehousefifteendesigns
Rolling pins | Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted |warehousefifteendesigns
Chopping boards | Plaaka CuttingBoadRack | Zazie Daviau
Rack | {vespertine} – glassrack 6  | Amelie Knelstrom
Chairs | Zigana chair .painted | Nalena Fairey
Table | Scarlet Creative Distressed Lace Table | Charlotte Bartlett
Vase | [ keke ] honeysuckle in vase purple M | Kean Kelly

Windlight | jasminstardust.com 05


Tea at Sunrise


ChiC buildings – Sunrise Beachhouse with fireplace and plant balconey (Chic Aeon) @ Draftsman  Now Open!
Decor Junction  / Shutter Field Dining Table – white (Anthonys Republic/ Katelym Barom/Heavenly Villa) @ Draftsman
DJ / SF Corner Bench – white 
DJ / SF Dining Chair – white
DJ  / SF Dining Table – white
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Frames (Hans Inshan) @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Rug
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Book

uK – Spread The Love Wall Hanging (Jamie Rozenberg)
uK – Whimsy Trinkets Heart Boxes
uK – Whimsy Trinkets Hydrangeas Pitcher (Poe Rozenberg)
[ keke ] teatin – cloud nine (Kean Kelly)
[ keke ] tea pot – nude  (2 for two collection)
[ keke ] tea cup – justice (2 for two collection)
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Lamp (Amberly Boccaccio)
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Vase With Leaves
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Live Paint
Glam Affair – Wire Moodboard 🙂
Wise Walls by Dede Summer hoots (Dede Longfall)
dust bunny & windsong . apothecary counter (lxlNoel/ Snowy Melody)
dust bunny . darling hanging plant (lxlNoel)
dust bunny . braided rug
Kalopsia – Cecilia’s Lamp (Isabeau Baragula)

Ibiza Dreams


Serenity Style- Ibiza House (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style- Ibiza Bag (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style-Summer Beach Sign (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Cosmopolitan
Serenity Style- Summer Beach Towels (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Cosmopolitan
Serenity Style – Coquette Box Cream (Hanstrid Inshan) @  SaNaRae
Serenity Style – Coquette Box Pink (Hanstrid Inshan)  @  SaNaRae
GOOSE – Garden shower PG (tyrek) @ Lost & Found 
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Green} (Cari McKeenan)
Little Branch_GreenAsh{4Seasons} (Cari McKeenan) @ Shiny Shabby
ChiMia:: Serenity Shelf (Markus Slingshot) @ Mainstore for The Gacha Guardians. (starts July 1st)
ChiMia:: Serenity Mason Jar Chandelier (Markus Slingshot)@ Mainstore for The Gacha Guardians. (starts July 1st)

ChiMia:: House Plant  (Markus Slingshot)
=Zenith=Basket with Cloths (Miffyhoi Rosca)
dust bunny . sunday newspaper (lxlNoel)
Apple Fall Fern Specimen (warehousefifteendesigns)
ARIA &The Loft – Portico Potted Aspidistra (Yelo Uriza)
PLAAKA – HILL SIDE DELI Kitchen HandWovenKitchenRug (Zazie Daviau)
:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {3} (qo0op)
floorplan. world plank map (Tegan Serin)
Willow Home – Afternoon Chair – Tribal (Weezey Warwillow)
[ zerkalo ] Keep on Dreaming – Mirror (DanielEstro)



Serenity Style- Ibiza House (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style- Summer Beach Floats (Hanstrid Inshan) @ Cosmopolitan
HPMD* Garden Tree03 – pastel color (Sasaya Kayo)
Little Branch_GreenAsh{4Seasons} (Cari McKeenan) @ Shiny Shabby
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Green} (Cari McKeenan)
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize] (soyoy)
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Matryoshka (Isabeau Baragula)
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Blue Pot
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Green Pot
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Red Pot
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Matryoshka
[ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI yellow (Kean Kelly)
[ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI – red
[Schultz Bros.] Cast Iron Bathtub – Stone (yogijo)
*alirium* butterflies blue B (Alir Flow)
cinphul // ASBMF [Garden Decor 3] (Imokon Neox)
 The Artist Shed – Wall Garden (MargeKinson)
nordari. / painted driftwood. (Jordan Giant) (store closed)
.:revival:. round cushion white (Momentous)