The White Bedroom

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Myrrine – ANGELIQUE wardrobe RARE | Myrrine @ Cosmopolitan
Myrrine – ANGELIQUE mannequin
Myrrine – ANGELIQUE chair 2 RARE
Myrrine – ANGELIQUE nightstand
Myrrine – ANGELIQUE books/roses
Ingenue :: Dorothy Heels (Slink) :: Blush | Betty Doyle @ Vintage Fair
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 1 | SleepingKoala for 4 Seasons Hunt (Starts July 8th)
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 2 | SleepingKoala for 4 Seasons Hunt (Starts July 8th)
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 3 | SleepingKoala for 4 Seasons Hunt (Starts July 8th)
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 4 | SleepingKoala for 4 Seasons Hunt (Starts July 8th)
{Petite Maison} Beauty Room Storage Box Large | Indyra Seigo (from a gacha which I can’t find in the store)
{Indyra} Freya Romper on a hanger (1 prim, hang me <3) | Indyra Seigo  (from a gacha which I can’t find in the store)
{Indyra} Kitt Katt Dress on a hanger (1 prim, hang me <3)
{Indyra} Irina Sweater on a hanger- (1 prim, hang me <3)
Serenity Style- A love touch flowers jars | Hanstrid Inshan
Serenity Style- Cosette Cushions | Hanstrid Inshan
Serenity Style- The Atelier Couture-Tissus Box
Serenity Style- And I think to myself vase
Serenity Style- And I think to myself book
Serenity Style- The Memories Table
Serenity Style- The Memories Violin RARE
Serenity Style- The Memories Hat Box
Kalopsia – Lace Curtain Left | Isabeau Baragula
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Bed | Charlotte Bartlett
[Schultz Bros.] Beverly Rug V1.0 | yogijo
dust bunny . flutter skybox | lxlNoel
Windlight: Phototools- Dream Book Light 03 (with a little light editing in photoshop)


Romantic Lavender Bedroom

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Cwtch. Dirty Concrete Room (SleepingKoala Resident) for 30L Saturday @ Cwtch
Serenity Style- Eterma Bed Green/Lavender (Hanstrid Inshan)
Serenity Style- Rusty Mirror
Serenity Style- Home Sweet Home Hanger
[Schultz Bros.] Beverly Rug V1.0 (yogijo)
Vagabond – Pearl’s Mobile (Shawneese Offcourse)
2.DRD- RB – old cabinet c/m (modded – decor on fireplace originally from the cabinet)
5.DRD- RB – poofwith books c/m (deathrowdesigns)
6.DRD- RB – artframe c/m
9.DRD- RB – chests c/m
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Books (DanielEstro)
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Birdcage (DanielEstro)
lace tablecloth (not for sale)
ChiMia:: Ephemeral Fireplace (White Rust) (Markus Slingshot)
{Reverie} Day Dream – Candle Light Chandelier – Vintage (Paolla Flux)

Windlight used ! •øº Xanthe’s – Lavandare ºø• !

The Kami Terrace

Untitled Untitled

Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Cat in the window | Hanstrid Inshan @ The Project Sev7en (Starts March 30th)
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-The Lovers
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Over the branch
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-RARE
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Running
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-The Tree
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Bunnies
The Secret Store – Color Pencils | Maylee Oh @ The Arcade
The Secret Store – Sketchbooks
The Secret Store – Pencil Case

*HEXtraordinary* Marble Buddha Statue | Corwin Lacourte | March Deco(c)rate
*Hextraordinary* Lotus Candle Holder | Corwin Lacourte | March Deco(c)rate
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace RARE | Hanstid Inshan @ Tres Chic
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Wall Lamp
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Chair
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Table
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Folded Chairs
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Mint Pot
nefarious.inventions – over.grown.herb.drawers.rusted | JacksonManis
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Wood Box | Isabeau Baragula
{what next} Pallet Log Box | FrankLee Anatra
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize] |soyoy
hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled | TheHiveStore

Frosty Morning Kitchen


{Q-Essentials} Aubusson Oval Rug | Quinn Reinerman @ Draftsman
Serenity Style- Endless love blind A | Hanstrid Inshan @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style- Endless love chair | Hanstrid Inshan @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style- Home Sweet Home Bench RARE
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Vase
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Rug

Serenity Style- Neva’s  Inspiration Wood Bowls
Serenity Style- Neva’s  Inspiration Coffee Grinder Linked
Serenity Style- Neva’s  Inspiration Eggs Bowl
Serenity Style- Neva’s Rag
Serenity Style- Neva’s  Inspiration Pomegranate Shelf
Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted | warehousefifteendesigns
Apple Fall Poppy Seed Loaves
Apple Fall Sourbread Loaf in Tin
Apple Fall Straw Broom
Cwtch. Welsh Lovers Decor Set | SleepingKoala @ Mainstore for Nuts About You hunt (starts Feb 7th)
Cwtch. Ceramic Mug (empty)
Cwtch. Ceramic Coffe Cups (Stack)
Cwtch. Ceramic Dinner Plate (Single)
Sari-Sari – My Winter Attic | stupidmonkey | December De(c)rate 
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Chopping Boards | stupidmonkey
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Pots and Ladles | stupidmonkey
ChiMia:: Serenity Kitchen Unit | Markus Slingshot 
ChiMia:: Serenity Butler Sink | Markus Slingshot 
ChiMia:: Serenity Range Cooker | Markus Slingshot 
ChiMia:: Serenity Shelf | Markus Slingshot 
ChiMia:: Serenity Splashback Tiles | Markus Slingshot 
NOMAD // Country Table | Piraiyah Novikov
unKindness – Pioneer Vintage Tea Tray | Jamie Rozenberg
JIAN Lively Labs :: White Companion Pup | JianSL
(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching | Toast Bard
] MAQ [ lemon press | skotte25

Windlight used | Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day