DisneyBound – Playing Catch Up – Week 1 – 7

I’ve been super busy in RL so I’ve not been doing Natalee Oodle’s SL Disney Bound Challenge, There aren’t many blogger challenges that I get excited about but this one looks super fun so I’m playing catch up. I could have done separate posts for each week but it’s a lot easier for me to put them all in one post. Anyways, hope you like the outfits! I’ve taken the colours from the original Disney characters and added a modern twist to them. 

Catching up on DisneyBound!

L-R: Peter Pan, Ariel (Kiss The Girl), Gaston, Snow White, Dory, Merina and Kuzko.

Week 1: Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Credits

Hair | A330 hair / group gift | tram | moca Loup
Skin | Kat pink lips blonde CARAMEL | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Hands | Mesh Hands (av) Casual | SLink | Siddean Munro
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (clumpy black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Eyes | Moist eye(LB-Gift09)M | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Outfit | Tutu Green | ACfinity | Clytie Parnas | Store Closed – Sorry
Shoes | petanko cross camel | [0N] | Mai Runo | Store Closed – Sorry
Poses | Lap | Dove Swanson

Week 2: Ariel (Kiss The Girl)


Ariel Credits

Hair | Breeze – Kit Kat | !Lamb | Lamb Bellic | Hair has been tinted
Skin | Gogo lust lips red hair FAIR | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (clumpy black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Blue | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Dress | Bombshell Dress – (Navy Cotton) | Lily Bird | Ambergriffin Huckleberry | Mesh
Top | Chained Thread Top – White | Kyoot | Saeya Nyand | Store Closed – Sorry
Belt | Bow Waist Belt black | Izzie’s | Izzie Button
Shoes | Lazies/ Night | Kookie | Kookie Lemon | Store has vanished :(
Poses | Lap | Dove Swanson

 Week 3: Gaston


Gaston Credits

Hair | Penelope – Coal | Action | MarilynMonroe Munro | Mesh
Skin |  Kat rose lips black CARAMEL  | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Dress |  Long Blouse Red | Opium | Leinad Constantine | Mesh
Trousers | Trousers (Brown) | fri.day | Darling Monday
Belt | Wide.Belt II (Valentine) – Large | fri.day | Darling Monday
Shoes | Folded Boots Brown | So Many Styles | Irie Campese
Arrows | leaf spring bow and arrow | Sooden Ren | No longer available
Poses | Lap | Dove Swanson

Week 4: Snow White

Snow White

Snow White Credits

Hair | Caniche (black) | Rosy Mood | Calico Felisimo
Skin | ~Ai(peach v2)~ baby gloss pink | Rozena | Lindsay Rozen
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Lips | Lip Matte -CherryKiss | Leafy | Kaethe Dyrssen
Cheeks | Contour Blush – Pink Mid | Dead Apples | Soleil Reid
Tshirt | My Bra Flashing Top – Dark Blue | Sleeping Koala | SleepingKoala
Cardigan | Lentotahti+ Long Knit Gown *Burgundy* | [pivaaca] | Trish Blanco
Skirt | dolce come te – velo bianco | Diapop | Dianne Peccable | Store Closed
Tights | Buzz Off Stockings: Yellow- socks | “Jim” | Celeste Forwzy | Bees Through The Seasons
Shoes | Platform Pumps | HOC | Guu Nishi
Bow | Kawaii Bow | Magika | Sabina Gully
Owl | (Summer) Owl-ee! Head (Hoots!) | Silent Sparrow | hyasynth Tiramisu
Bug | BUGS *lilac* caterpillar | tettie Baar
Poses | Sunflower Poses | Helianthus Mesmer | Store Closed

Week 5: Dory


Dory Credits

Hair | Listen – Brown 09 | . [elikatira] | Elikapeka Tiramisu | Mesh
Skin | Iris Skin * Rowan * freckles darkbrown gift | / * qbee  | deerylou
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Eyeliner |  Eyeliner 2 | Belleza | Shyla Diggs
Cheeks | Stained Face- Cherry Tart (w/beauty marks) | (Ag) | Amiee Galicia
Vest | Basics Loose Racerback [SUNNY] | Ohmai | Anya Ohmai | No longer available
Jeans | Skinny Jeans – Deep Blue | Apple May Designs | Apple May
Shoes | Slip-ons – Mesh Shoes | Super Kingdom | Snow Bristol | Only on Marketplace
Octopus | octopussay blue small | rbcg | Kyrsten Jigsaw | Store Closed
Fish bag thing | Status reminder : fish in a bag. | Fannie Lulibub | Old event item
Poses | -no wow- | Lisbeth Gummibaum

Week 6: Merida


Merida Credits

Hair | Veruka II | Magika | Sabina Gully
Skin | Kat pink lips blonde CARAMEL | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Eyeliner |  faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out | Willa Whybrow
Eye Enhancers | Aegyo Sal Eye Enhancers (tan) | BOOM | Aranel Ah
Freckles | Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue
Top | Tube Top/Dress Trio Rain | Fishy Strawberry | Fae Eriksen
Jeans | plain jane cigarette jeans pants (navy) | Eleanor Rigby | Kyrsten Jigsaw | Store Closed
Boots | [*RG*] Girls’ Biker Boots -Caramel- | Redgrave | Viola Leigh
Belt | Belt Goldbrown | So Many Styles | Irie Campese
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard

Week 7: Kuzko


Kuzko Credits

Hair | Lover 2.0 – Earth | epoque | Vintage McMillan | Mesh
Skin | Kat pink lips blonde CARAMEL | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Realism / Brown | Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede
Lashes | Mesh Lashes V.01 (dainty black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous Yootz | Mesh
Eyeliner |  faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out | Willa Whybrow
Eye Enhancers | Aegyo Sal Eye Enhancers (tan) | BOOM | Aranel Ah
Freckles | Beauty Marks & Freckles | {emma} | emmatrue
Hoodie | Henley Hoodie (Red) | fri.day | Darling Monday
Dress | Silky Halter Dress Plain Poppy Red | So Many Styles | Irie Campese | Mesh
Heels | Demsi / Liquor Black | Kookie | Kookie Lemon 
Head band | Catty headbend | LaGyo | Gyorgyna Larnia | Old TDR item
Necklace | proud of x (yellow/gold) | undefined lillies | Liliana Barrs | Modded 
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard


Studs & Leather

One of the most epic (in my opinion) events this year has started. Four Corners opened today,  an event organised by Emily Kaestner (owner of croire). It’s a fashion & home expo inspired by four prominent trends in the industry today (info taken from the official Event Info notecard). The event runs from December 17th – 24th and for more info you can check out the website.

I adore this leather jacket from Beetlebones! It’s a mesh leather jacket with studs around the collar, pockets and back. The pants are also leather, as well as the boots. Does this mean I’m an animal killer because I wear leather and does it mean Nena and Sue are animal killers too because they made leather items? No it does not! I know some jackasses started calling Anya Ohmai a ‘fox murderer’ because of the fox stole that she made for Collabor88. Wanna know what I think? Grow the hell up. There are more important things in the world to worry about than a pixel FAUX fox! No animals were harmed in making this stole, and Anya specifically made the fox have abnormally sized limbs to avoid this sort of bitching. Stop hating on her. Please. /End Rant.


Hair | cordelia [blonds]  | (love) | Mae Liamano | Four Corners
Skin | [IREN]-=Dani=-_medium| IREN | Irischka Hotshot
Shape | My own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Eyelashes | Lashes – 2 | Medley | Arriah Fiertze
Eyeshadow | ~Platina eyeshadow~ grey | Rozena | Lindsay Rozen
Lips | Glam Lipstick – (Burgundy) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Jewellery | Manufactured Antler Earring | bellballs essentials | violette vyper
Tongue | Hot day Tongue | The Attic | jon99 engineer | Old hunt gift
Belt | Lick Itself Buckle Down Belt  | Virus Co | Kirsten Bailey | Store Closed
Jacket | Studded Biker Jacket (Black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous yootz | Four Corners **MESH**
Top | Hannah Shirt – Animal | Doppelganger | Syler Morgwain | Four Corners 
Pants | Zipped Leather Pants -Faded Black | League | Nena Janus | Four Corners 
Shoes | Girls’ Biker Boots | Redgrave | Emilia Redgrave
Gloves | Fingerless Gloves (charcoal)  | aberrant | Dylain Nikita
Pose | Long Awkward Pose | Dove Swanson

52 Weeks of Colour – Week 10 – Sienna

This is week 10 color challenge – Sienna. This outfit didn’t really take that long to put together which I was suprised about. Hope you like it


Skin: Amber Skin – Izzies by (Group Gift)
Hair: Cal Call Soil – Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth  (NEW)
Shape: My own
Shirt: Ruched Button Down (Spice) – fri.day by Darling Monday (0L)
Trousers: Emily Trousers Autumn – Paperdoll by Zoey Gabardini (November Group Gift)
Boots: Biker Boots Caramel – Redgrave by Viola Leigh
Bag: Chai tea bag – tokidoki by Maya Levane (Tea Hunt)
Tie: colour change flexi tie – sf designs by swaffette Firefly (previous hunt prize I think)
Bracelets: Bracelets (gold/brown) – Ibizarre by Anyusha Lilienthal
Eyelashes: Gold leaf black lashes – Amperlope by ampersand artful (FTLO Fall hunt prize I think)
Eyes: Sylph Burlwood – Ibanez by Annie Ibanez (0L)
Blush: Blush in [pinch ’em] – Dead Carrot by Lucie Genira (hunt prize)

Poses: Persona by Myllie Writer and with love & squalor by Esme Milena



062. Ethnic Beads

Hi!!! Bet you didn’t expect to hear from me this soon! I haven’t got a proper ‘home’ yet, I’m currently rezzing at the Trenza sim (where Cafe Andromeda is) and doing my blog there. I can’t afford a home at the moment and it’s only somewhere to rezz cos I never spend any time at home- too busy shopping!

As you may be aware, I am very much influenced by other bloggers, such as Uma of course, she goes without saying, I’m also influenced by the Fab Free blog, Rummagings, and today I was influenced by the Just a Reminder blog. Natalia McBride, author of the blog, was wearing a lovely yellow top in her latest post and I had to go buy it!! It’s from BOOM and is available in several colours, and there’s a choice of transparent or not transparent. I opted for a transparent version. It also has an attachment like the one on my hip, but it sits on the shoulder. I chose not to include it in the blog because it didn’t look right with the rest of the outfit.

I decided to go for a sort of ethnic/ boho/ Indian style blog today. I think it’s influenced by the skybox that I rezz in (it’s one of those square buildings that’s transparent on the outside but it isn’t inside, it’s surrounded by a rocky beach scene and has a sort of Aztec- ish round stone table. It was made by someone called Cheshyr Pontchartrain, if your interested in getting one.

Anyways, I don’t know if you have heard of/ been to Zaara, but it is a stunning store, that has Indian style clothing and jewellery. This is where I bought those jeans with the prim bottoms that I have worn in so many of my posts! I absolutely love them, and the moss coloured ones match well with this outfit. I’m in love with Argrace hair, and this is one of the new styles in their Summer 2009 collection. They are so soft and flowey and cute! I think I mentioned in one of my Somapop posts that I am the official Somapop blogger, well now I am blogging for Soma’s partner, Dianne Peccable, owner of Diapop! The Diapop store can be found at Fifferling with the Somapop store :) So far she has given me some band aids and necklaces, one of which you can see in the second picture. It has a tiny rubber duck and cupcake on it- I know it’s not ethnic but hey, who cares! It looks good! I’ve worn the smaller bracelet in a previous post but I think it works well with this outfit. I went down to Zaara again because I wanted a bracelet for the other arm, and I found this multicoloured Indian style bracelet which looks great and the colours match some on the necklace. That’s everything I think.. you may hear from me again today..

Ethnic Beads

Ethnic Beads AccesoriesCredits

Hair- Argrace ‘Passion (Light Brown)

Jacket- Argrace ‘Leather Vest (browny) Lady’s’

Shirt- BOOM ‘Summer Sarong Trans Yellow’

Vest- The Closet ‘Simple Tank Top’

Jeans- Zaara ‘Jeans {classic} *moss*’

Boots- Regrave ‘Girls Biker Boots’

Necklace- [DIAPOP] ‘<3 necklace’

Bracelet (Large)- Zaara ‘Suvarna Bangles’

Bracelet (Small)- Shiny Things ‘Hippie Deluxe bracelets- Red’