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Spring Bazaar

The Spring Bazaar event has started! It runs from March 28th- April 11th. You can tp here. Basically some stores (TUFT, Theory , Iren, Scribble, Freezepoop, TUFT Kids, A.D.D Andel!, Sanu, Tyranny Designs, Before Sleep, Medley, Nushru, [astraia] , Republica, Mango Mango, Sugar.Snap.Me, Intrigue, +>A&A<+, Lolapop, This Is A Fawn, Trixxy's Shop, Djinn & Tonic,… Continue reading Spring Bazaar

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My inventory is overflowing with hunt prizes , the SAH one, The Button Hunt and Snacks n Sweets, plus all the random prizes that I picked up from other hunts. I decided that since the folder with the shoes & accessories prizes in were semi organised, I'd do the rest of them. I ended up redoing… Continue reading Shoes!