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Three Outfits, One Event!

There are some amazing items for the Back to Black event! You're really in for a treat! There are casual clothes from Iren, Diapop, Izzie's and 22769. Couture items from Plank Couture, CheerNo and Molichino. Poses by Squeek, Sparrowtree Studios, AUSHKA & CO. Furniture from FD Decor and elefantu. Plus many more gorgeous items! There's really… Continue reading Three Outfits, One Event!


Glance Style Sim Opening Party

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is opening the doors to a second island 'Glance Style'. The sim was built by Chloris Hathor, a known grid- wide architect and building designer. Bloggers were given a chance to visit the new sim before the opening party, hence the reason why I am writing a post about the sim… Continue reading Glance Style Sim Opening Party