Raid Your Closet – Week 1

I’m a bit late doing this post because it’s now Tuesday in the UK. Sorry! I have to warn you, I may not stick to the timetable for this challenge (my posts may not be posted on Mondays). I’m going through some major changes in my rl over the next few weeks and moving back to my mothers, so, knowing her, I won’t get much time on SL. *rolls eyes* Then on November 6th I’m off to NZ, I’m planning to go for a month, however since I have nothing to come back to, I may stay out there longer. Possibly get a job there.. who knows. The world is my oyster as they say. 

Anyways, whilst I do have access to SL, I’ll get some blogging done! Here’s my first look for the Raid Your Closet challenge. I’ve gone for a boho/hippy type look today. Float dress, furry waistcoat and a flute necklace. My kitty called Smudge wanted to join the picture too but she was a little shy so hid behind my back. Some of these items are old, purchased in 2009, so some may not be available anymore, a few of the stores have closed now too. :(

Oh I have to say that there’s one item that will remain the same in each post – my shape. Everything else will change.


Hair  |  A330 hair / group gift | tram | moca Loup – 2011
Skin | {Tan} Jejune Rose – Red Winged Brows | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg – 2010
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo – 2011
Eyeliner | faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out! | Willa Whybrow – 2010
Lips | Elly <Milk> Sheer Balm/Teeth (Cantaloupe) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena – 2011
Waistcoat | Fiona’s Vest . Clay | Jack Spoon | Steffy Ghost – 2011
Dress | chifone-onp*beige | oyakin | kinbo Akina – 2009

Socks | Open Toe Socks (Creamy Cream) | NUT | Bastet Hazelnut – 2010
Shoes |  petanko cross camel  | 0N | Mai Runo – 2009 (Closed)
Bandaid | band aid | Diapop | Dianne Peccable – 2009 (Closed)
Headband |
 kanakabati ::hairband::  | Diapop | Dianne Peccable – 2009 (Closed)

Flute | pan-flute neckies | rbcg | Kyrsten Jigsaw – 2012 (Closed)
Necklace | i heart owls necklace | birdy | Veleska – 2011
Earrings | Ethnic Earrings | MishMash | Lena Macbain – 2012
Bracelet |  Birds of a Feather Bracelets | Willow | Weezey Warwillow – 2012 (Closed)
Cat | fatcat calico gift | *M* | Mui Runo – 2009 (Closed)
Poses | ZZANG | HushHushHush , Olive Juice | IsabellaGrace Baroque


Lyliana @ Missing Mile

Good afternoon! I decided to take some pics of Lyli today instead of Evie, cos at the moment she’s more exciting :P lol I did originally take pics of her with white background like usual pics I take. I did think about adding a background but it would be way too much hassle cutting around her tail in photoshop so I took her back down to Missing Mile and got some photos of her inworld! I’ve got few things to show you today, from Zenith, [Sassy Kitty Designs], Dutch Touch, [JP] and {soap). Most of the items I’ve had for ages, the only recent new item is the shirt from Zenith and the ‘Dirty Wings’ from {soap) . I first bought the red version for Evie, but thought it’d look perfect on Lyli :D It’s her style! As you can see, Lyli loves her accessories, so beware, the list of credits will be long!

lyli @ missing mile

lyli @ missing mile2


Hair- *Action ‘Womens Hair Amy- Dark Pack1’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber- makeup1’

Tats- Inks & kinks ‘Cat Trax Body paint’

Shirt- Zenith ‘checker2 brown(girly)’

Undershirt- [JP] ‘Emo- angel’

Pants- [Sassy kitty Designs] ‘Sassy Shorts Black denim low’

Boots- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ Boots/ black’

Socks- Dutch Touch ‘(Lucky Chair) ‘toeless socks pack’

Wings- {soap) ‘Dirty Wings’

Thigh- ‘mini Arsonist’

Gloves- Hybrid ‘Paw Pad gloves’

Kittens (mouth and belt)- *M* ‘mischief kitten americanshorthair’

Ears- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ neko ears/ black’

Tail- [JP] ‘Cannibal- Cat/ tail black’

037. The Gang

This is just a random blog I decided to do with my family & friends.  I got this group pose from *ES* and it is so awesome. I love it. Anyways I’m not gonna write loads in this part because I have a lot to write underneath the pics!

Sexy ladies

The Gang(Left – Right)

Petro wears:

Hair- *+BM+’Ruby Black’

Skin- Redgrave ‘Deep Tan Skin’

Jacket- ::Tango New York:: ‘Urban Grunge Black Jumper’

Pants- (unknown) ‘Rider Pants Mens’

Boots- DrawMachine ‘Biker Boots Classic’

Tattoos- *Indian Ink* ‘Celtic Tribe’

Cox wears:

Hair- Argrace ‘Glide’

Skin- Soul ‘African M11’

Jacket- ]monogrind[ ‘they wont’s stay dead tank’

Pants- TonkTastic ‘Urban Camo pants’

Shoes- TonkTastic ‘ Short Combat Boots’

Gloves- TonkTastic ‘Fingerless Gloves (biker)

Socks- Meriken Co. ‘Back- Side Sox’

Belt- {soap} ‘Stud Muffin belt’

On arms- TonkTastic ‘Urban Arm Belts’

Fruiti wears:

Hair- 0 Style ‘Dana Swedish Blonde’

Skin- Soul ‘African M7’

Tattoos- >>>moloko<<< ‘Stars & Swallows Tattoo’

Top- [Renegade] ‘Union Jill Halter Top’

Jacket- Freesoul ‘Black and White Hoodie’

Pants- Freesoul ‘Sexy Shorts Jeans Black’

Socks- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby Outfit’

Shoes- [ON] ‘Wo Boots’

Evie wears:

Hair- *Argrace* ‘Casket (Button)’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Bikin Top- *X*plosion ‘CrossRoad Bikini’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- *F.A.T* ‘Sport- stylez’

Shoes- [SP] ‘Brown-X-Retro Sneaker’

Tattoos- Attitude Tattoo ‘Slinked’

Arm Bracers- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Ally Cat Bracers’

Lyli wears:

Hair- Kin-Karei ‘[Black burgundy]’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber’

Top- Barerose ‘Damaged Shirts Lady’

Skirt- Barerose ‘Tartan Tartan Red’

Shoes- mundo neko ‘Bota Xadrez’

Undershirt- *Danika Design* ‘Meeeeoowww Body suit vendor’

Socks- *[DIAPOP]* ‘Band Aid ‘ (Group Gift)

Necklace- *NoCa* ‘Eat More Fish!’

Whiskers- >M< ‘Whiskers pack’

Bandages- Neko Case ‘Bandages [Mis- Matched]

Ears- .:Black Heart:. ‘Shadow Lynx Ears’

Tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

yu wears:

Hair- Bish ‘(DBS) Serenity Black’

Skin- Soul ‘African M14’

Tattoo- Luce ‘Teardrop’

Top- xx yomeshoujo xx ‘*muu*’

Pants- anuenue ‘Moutan half Pants’

Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit ‘Pornstar Trainers- High Tops’

Belt- (unknown) ‘Retro Toys Belt’

Eira wears:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Chiffon’

Skin- (Milk Motion) ‘NINON Skin *basic*’

Top- &Bean ‘Ah Shush I know it’s a heart’

Pants- [Pink] ‘Producer Pant- Wine’

Shoes- TOSL ‘*minnie* Ruffle Pumps v1.1 Classic Polka’

030. [SP] & *[Diapop]*

This blog is dedicated to Somapop for adding me to their blog links. Lyliana and myself are modelling tops from *[Diapop]* as well as [Somapop]. I love their clothes so much, and I also own some of their other items but haven’t blogged them this time, maybe later in other outfits. Their tops are extremely cute and funky and good quality. You should definitely go and have a look at their store at Fifferling. I also recommend joining their group because they have some great freebies!


Evie wears:

Hair- Maitreya ‘Piper II’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Natural FRX’

Skirt- *Gigi Couture* ‘Funk Denim skirt’

Boots- TigerClaw ‘UGG boots- TC gan PL’


Top 1- *[Diapop]* ‘Heart to Heart’

Top 2- [SP] ‘Little Miss shirt’

Top 3- [SP] ‘Fear shirt’

Top 4- *[Diapop]* ‘Bunjour 4 her’ (Bunny Hop)

Top 5- *[Diapop]* ‘ Japan Bunny shirt’


Lyli wears:

Hair- *Action ‘Women’s Hair- Amy’

Skin- ARS*NOVA ‘Lauryn Skin’ (Not available anymore)

Whiskers- >M< ‘Whiskers pack’

Collar- *Designs ‘Kitty Collar’

Bandages- Neko Case ‘Bandages [Mis Matched]

Neko ears- [JP] ‘Cannibal cat’

Neko tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko tail’

Shoes- Acid Mala ‘Black AD Sneakers’

Jeans- “The drawmachine” ‘Drawmachine_sexy_ass_jeans grey’


Top 1- *[Diapop]* ‘Skull Tank’

Top 2- *[Diapop]* ‘Monster Bite shirt’

Top 3-*[Diapop]* ‘Feed Tank’

Top 4- [SM] ‘Le Top’ & [SP] ‘Deedee jeans’

Top 5-*[Diapop]* ‘Chill Black/jacket’