Oldies But Goodies Plurky Blogger Challenge

This idea was all Alysha Rennahan’s fault! I don’t think she realised how popular this random idea she had would be. Basically each week Alysha sets a theme and posts it on her Plurk, then us bloggers can do a blog post based on that theme. This weeks theme is Oldies But Goodies! You can learn more about it on her blog here. If you want to take part join us on Plurk (Plurk is a social networking site, like Twitter but better)

I’ve created two outfits out of items I got in 2008/ 2009 (there’s a couple from this year but shush :P) I’ve only recently sorted my inventory and trashed lots of shit old stuff, especially skins, so I only have a couple of skins that I bought over a year ago.


Outfit 1

Hair- CocoLuv ‘ Missy Red’ (Bought Aug 2008) – Creators profile is empty so I’m assuming she has left sl and closed her store)

Skin- Pink Fuel ‘Skye <Chai> Scene’ (October 2009)

Shape- *evie* ‘Bella’ (buy it at my store now!)

Eyes- Armidi Body ‘ (True Enhance) Eyes- Mocha’ (March 2009)

Top- Kickwear ‘Smokey Candy Tops Earth’ (December 2008)

Pants- +KiiToS!+ ‘Madras Check Pants for men *russet* (June 2009)

Trainers- Somapop ‘DB-X retro sneakers’ (June 2009)

Outfit 2

Hair- YUZUKMAIYA ‘Tsuyoshi + Bordeaux’ (July 2009) (Hunt prize)

Skin- Curio ‘Lumine Sweet’ (May 2009)

Shape- *evie*Bella

Hoodie- Freesoul ‘White wool hoodie’ (December 2008) (store now called DeeTalez)

Jeans- Calypso Giano ‘Jeans Ripped’ (August 2008)

Shoes- Pretties by JB ‘Special Edition Riva- Radience’ (April 2009) (All shoes have been discontinued)

Poses by ufo and Olive Juice


037. The Gang

This is just a random blog I decided to do with my family & friends.  I got this group pose from *ES* and it is so awesome. I love it. Anyways I’m not gonna write loads in this part because I have a lot to write underneath the pics!

Sexy ladies

The Gang(Left – Right)

Petro wears:

Hair- *+BM+’Ruby Black’

Skin- Redgrave ‘Deep Tan Skin’

Jacket- ::Tango New York:: ‘Urban Grunge Black Jumper’

Pants- (unknown) ‘Rider Pants Mens’

Boots- DrawMachine ‘Biker Boots Classic’

Tattoos- *Indian Ink* ‘Celtic Tribe’

Cox wears:

Hair- Argrace ‘Glide’

Skin- Soul ‘African M11’

Jacket- ]monogrind[ ‘they wont’s stay dead tank’

Pants- TonkTastic ‘Urban Camo pants’

Shoes- TonkTastic ‘ Short Combat Boots’

Gloves- TonkTastic ‘Fingerless Gloves (biker)

Socks- Meriken Co. ‘Back- Side Sox’

Belt- {soap} ‘Stud Muffin belt’

On arms- TonkTastic ‘Urban Arm Belts’

Fruiti wears:

Hair- 0 Style ‘Dana Swedish Blonde’

Skin- Soul ‘African M7’

Tattoos- >>>moloko<<< ‘Stars & Swallows Tattoo’

Top- [Renegade] ‘Union Jill Halter Top’

Jacket- Freesoul ‘Black and White Hoodie’

Pants- Freesoul ‘Sexy Shorts Jeans Black’

Socks- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby Outfit’

Shoes- [ON] ‘Wo Boots’

Evie wears:

Hair- *Argrace* ‘Casket (Button)’

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan FRX’

Bikin Top- *X*plosion ‘CrossRoad Bikini’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- *F.A.T* ‘Sport- stylez’

Shoes- [SP] ‘Brown-X-Retro Sneaker’

Tattoos- Attitude Tattoo ‘Slinked’

Arm Bracers- .:-CatniP-:. ‘Ally Cat Bracers’

Lyli wears:

Hair- Kin-Karei ‘[Black burgundy]’

Skin- MMSZero ‘Umber’

Top- Barerose ‘Damaged Shirts Lady’

Skirt- Barerose ‘Tartan Tartan Red’

Shoes- mundo neko ‘Bota Xadrez’

Undershirt- *Danika Design* ‘Meeeeoowww Body suit vendor’

Socks- *[DIAPOP]* ‘Band Aid ‘ (Group Gift)

Necklace- *NoCa* ‘Eat More Fish!’

Whiskers- >M< ‘Whiskers pack’

Bandages- Neko Case ‘Bandages [Mis- Matched]

Ears- .:Black Heart:. ‘Shadow Lynx Ears’

Tail- [Punta] ‘Flexi Neko Tail’

yu wears:

Hair- Bish ‘(DBS) Serenity Black’

Skin- Soul ‘African M14’

Tattoo- Luce ‘Teardrop’

Top- xx yomeshoujo xx ‘*muu*’

Pants- anuenue ‘Moutan half Pants’

Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit ‘Pornstar Trainers- High Tops’

Belt- (unknown) ‘Retro Toys Belt’

Eira wears:

Hair- =TEKUTEKU= ‘Chiffon’

Skin- (Milk Motion) ‘NINON Skin *basic*’

Top- &Bean ‘Ah Shush I know it’s a heart’

Pants- [Pink] ‘Producer Pant- Wine’

Shoes- TOSL ‘*minnie* Ruffle Pumps v1.1 Classic Polka’

019. Racing Stripes


It’s Friday! WOOT! This is a quick post cos I have to go finish the Bunny Hop hunt, I’m on #202 and there’s 300 all together! I’ve got 2 days left but the rest will only have an hour or so. I’ve got so much crap it’s unbelievable, I don’t know what half the stuff is! I opened a couple of boxes that looked interesting, a house and some garden furniture which are well cool! I’ll do a bunny hop blog sometime :D Today I opened the prizes from [RockBerry] and Savoir Faire Shapes store. The skins from RockBerry are lovely but too pale for me, this is the only one that’s dark enough to look good. I love the eye makeup on them, dark eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. I chose this hair from 0 Style because of the fringe and the soft subtle shape of it. The fringe makes the eyes look a bit flirty, and the soft layering of the bob gives the overall outfit a softer feel.

I’m loving these pants, the over sized belt and ribbon is so cute, and it’s modifiable so I was able to tint the colour to match the Kookie shoes. As you can see I’ve done two outfits with these pants and top. In the second outfit I’ve added the leather jacket from .:A&M:. and taken away the red belt and replaced it with a belt I got from the bunny hop hunt at [Gauze] just to make it look a bit punky/ rocky etc. 

Hope y’all like the outfit! xoxo









Where i got everything:

Outfit 1

Hair- 0 Style ‘Milcabob with bangs (Raven)’

Shape- Savoir Faire Shapes ‘Chloe’ (Bunny Hop Prize)

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Dark Tan FRX’ (Bunny Hop Prize)

Eyes- Armidi Body ‘True Enhance Mocha’

Necklace- Bonita ‘Red wrapped Bead necklace- Shine’

Top- Freesoul ‘Stylishgirl 5’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- Mauloa ‘Black pants’ (Belt tinted to red, original is grey)


Outfit 2

Hair- 0 Style ‘Milcabob with bangs (Raven)’

Shape- Savoir Faire Shapes ‘Chloe’ (Bunny Hop Prize)

Skin- [RockBerry] ‘Megan Dark Tan FRX’ (Bunny Hop Prize)

Eyes- Armidi Body ‘True Enhance Mocha’

Necklace- Bonita ‘Red wrapped Bead necklace- Shine’

Top- Freesoul ‘Stylishgirl 5’ (Part of an outfit)

Pants- Mauloa ‘Black pants’ (Without belt)

Jacket- .:A&M:. ‘Punk Baby outfit- Black Leather Jacket’

Belt- [Gauze] ‘Bunny Hop Belt’ (Bunny Hop prize)

Poses by Mela, STD, =IZYMIYA=, [Lyndz- matic], []On The Cover []

005. Grocery store

Ya know when ya wake up ya really need a wee and a cup of tea? Well I do anyways. Today was like any normal day, I wanted a cuppa tea but we had ran out of milk so I had to get dressed and go to the shop to get some more . I threw on some jeans and a hoodie (I was still in my pyjamas) because i couldn’t be bothered to put anything decent on. When I logged on SL today I really didnt have the patience to dress Evie so I just put jeans and a hoodie on without thinking about it. It then clicked in my brain (yes I do have one!), I should do a blog about going on a quick trip to the corner shop. She was already dressed, just needed some shoes and a bag. So I went down to the JB store and got some flat pink ballet style pumps and found a freebie bag in my inventory. I then went on a hunt to find a corner shop, it took bloody forever! I eventually found a really cool one at the New York sim (work in progress) so got a couple of snaps there. I included a picture of my back cos my ass looks so good in them jeans ;-)


I’m wearing:

Hair-  front-  TekuTeku ‘Wing’ both dark brown colour set

          back- TekuTeku ‘Anne’

Skin- MMSZero ‘tan’

Shape- Body Doubles ‘Kate Beckinsdale’ (face my own)

Hoodie- Freesoul ‘White Wool hoodie’

Jeans- Calypso Giano ‘Ripped jeans short version’ 

Shoes- Pretties by JB ‘Riva in light pink’

Bag- In a store on the Cupcake sim (I dont remember which one) ‘ Save our earth’

Poses- Long Awkward Pose

Location- Grocery store at NYC sim (still being built)