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Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #10

I must apologise for the picture spamming in these posts, I promise I will reduce the pictures by merging images together (eg 2 stores in one pic). This post shows items from stores #62- #75 - apart from #69 cos I couldn't find it šŸ˜¦ Firefly Fashions offers the Cutie Pie skirt and top for… Continue reading Snacks n Sweets Hunt Entry #10

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031. AlternativeĀ Lovers

Hiii!! Today is another blog that's more about fun than fashion. This is myself and my husband Petro. Isn't he just gorgeous?! šŸ˜‰ He's my best friend, soul mate and lover in not just sl but also in rl too. Don't we make a lovely couple? Hehe. These are my 'alternative' lover's pictures, I may… Continue reading 031. AlternativeĀ Lovers

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027. DinnerĀ Time!!

IT'S DINNER TIME!! OMG you so wouldn't want to eat at this canteen! Especially not when the dinner lady is a sinister woman with blood on her apron, blood stained bandages on her wrists and a joint in her mouth (random) lol. Fuck knows why I decided to do a blog like this, I think… Continue reading 027. DinnerĀ Time!!