Review Policy.

I do accept review items, however my RL has somewhat taken over my blogging time and I can’t promise that the items will be blogged immediately after the copies are sent to me. I currently (at the time of writing this – 16/02/2012) have a backlog of items that need to be reviewed/ blogged so my priority now is to complete those first.

My blog is about the items only, I don’t go out around SL looking for good locations for pictures, mainly because a) I prefer plain backgrounds and b) I don’t have the time nor patience. This does not mean that I am a lazy blogger.

My pictures are photoshopped. I smooth out shadows, get rid of the grid lines and liquify any jagged edges like ankles and wrists, I also dodge and burn the eyes to give them more depth :)

If you would like me to review your items, please include as much information as possible about them.

My inworld name is Evelyn Hartshon (display name is Evie)

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