About Me


My Second Life name is Evelyn Hartshon and I’ve been a Second Life resident since November 2007. I joined SL out of curiosity and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started off working in clubs (like a lot of other SL residents) as a dancer, then hostess, head hostess and then manager of Cafe Andromeda. 

I helped some friends run several hunts whilst I worked in the clubs and I loved it so much I decided to run my own. I’ve run several successful hunts including the The Unknown Hunts and the Body Art Hunts. I’m the owner and co- founder of Blogging Second Life – a (very large) database of Second Life blogs/bloggers and stores. I have also owned several stores (most recently Sleeping Koala) however in 2014, when I because pregnant, I gave up the store and rarely logged on SL (which is why there are so little posts that year)

In March 2009 I decided to start a fashion blog (here’s my first ever blog post – a lot has changed since then!) and over the 8 years my blogging style, photo editing skills and blog content has evolved. Have a look at the ‘About this blog’ page to learn about this blog!


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