Bohemian Delight


Dixie Dandelion Fishing Pole Frames (Winterschains) @ The Wash Cart Sale
Dark Knight Decor – Sonoma Potted Cactus (Mika Redfield) @ The Wash Cart Sale
Dark Knight Decor – Asian Sunset Teapotted Fern @ The Wash Cart Sale
Schadenfreude Spike Pot o’ Succulent (Allegory Malaprop) @ Collabor88
Schadenfreude Aga Pot o’ Succulent (Allegory Malaprop) @ Collabor88
Schadenfreude Spike Cup o’ Succulent (Allegory Malaprop) @ Collabor88
NOMAD // Bohemian Delight (Piraiyah Novikov)  @ Deco(c)rate (March)
Vagabond – Mojave Decal (tintable) (Shawneese Offcourse) @ Deco(c)rate (March)
*HEXtraordinary* Altar Crystal (Corwin Lacourte) @ Deco(c)rate (March)
*HEXtraordinary* Marble Buddha Statue @ Deco(c)rate (March)
*HEXtraordinary* Buddha Incense Burner @ Deco(c)rate (March)
*Hextraordinary* Lotus Candle Holder @ Deco(c)rate (March)

Zigana Indie flags 1 (Nalena Fairey)
Mori. messy drawers . picnic (Nalena Fairey)
{what next} House Plant – Agave (stand) (Winter Thorn)
{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree
Chez Moi Simply Wired Table  (nanda Marjeta)
Chez Moi Simply Wired Chair 
Chez Moi Apple Bowl
junk. industrial plant stand. blue. (Tab Tatham)
[ keke ] potted mint 1 (Kean Kelly)


A Rustic Outdoor Wedding Scene

Untitled Untitled


Cwtch. The Vows Backdrop (SleepingKoala Resident) @ Cosmopolitan (Starts 10th April)
Cwtch. Hay Bale Seats
Cwtch. Daffodil Tree Stump
Cwtch. Take a Seat Sign
Cwtch. Take a Seat Crates
Cwtch. Take a Seat Wedding Programs

HPMD* floorGrass01 (Sasaya Kayo)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 – green
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope) (Alex Bader)
::Knick Knacks:: 1001 nuits – lights (Natacha Haroldsen)

Windlight used ‘Fairy warm pinks (Paulina)’ with slight adjustment in PS using ‘Curves’

The Kami Terrace

Untitled Untitled

Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Cat in the window | Hanstrid Inshan @ The Project Sev7en (Starts March 30th)
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-The Lovers
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Over the branch
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-RARE
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Running
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-The Tree
Serenity Style- The Se7en Frames-Bunnies
The Secret Store – Color Pencils | Maylee Oh @ The Arcade
The Secret Store – Sketchbooks
The Secret Store – Pencil Case

*HEXtraordinary* Marble Buddha Statue | Corwin Lacourte | March Deco(c)rate
*Hextraordinary* Lotus Candle Holder | Corwin Lacourte | March Deco(c)rate
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace RARE | Hanstid Inshan @ Tres Chic
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Wall Lamp
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Chair
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Table
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Folded Chairs
Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Mint Pot
nefarious.inventions – over.grown.herb.drawers.rusted | JacksonManis
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Wood Box | Isabeau Baragula
{what next} Pallet Log Box | FrankLee Anatra
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize] |soyoy
hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled | TheHiveStore

Hints, SLURLS & Gifts

Stuff My Inventory Hunts

There is no specific hunt order, you can visit stores in whatever order that you want!

  1. !cream spagetti hair!  : In my room
  2. Banana Banshee
  3. Krystal : I gatcha! (Got’cha)
  4. Kitty’s Claws : Ar ar, me maties, I got seaweed stuck in my cap.
  5. IT! (Indulge Temptation) : I love balloons!!!
  6. .:* LOULOU&CO *:. : Take a seat and drink a tea
  7. .: Zanzibar creationZ:. : It’s hot in here, someone turn on the airconditioner
  8. Yokai :
  9. Supernatural  SKIP
  10. Plastik
  11. {tout petit} : Gacha, gacha, gacha!
  12. M’s Avon
  13. ~CD~ Candy’s Designs
  14. Stone’s Works : Only Good Friends Will Carry Our Packages
  15. Spyralle : Take these, and learn to fly again and learn to live so free

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