Senzation’s Bakery

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Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery RARE (Hanstrid Ishan) @ 6 Republic
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Display
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Pastries Box
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery  Take and go box REZ (also has wearable version)
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Bread Bag REZ (also has wearable version)
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Counter
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Showcase
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Stroopwafels
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Choco Cake
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Tompouces
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Borstplaat
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Single Bread
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Rustic Bread
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Breads for display

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gnome Bread (Paco Pooley)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Frames with Bakery Quotes
[P] Pillows: Napkins (Vivian Omizu)
[NIJI-YA] CashRegister2 BLACK  (yuji777)
{vespertine} – chocolate cake 17 (Amelie Knelstrom)
27_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Pain au Raisin Set (8f8)
28_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Baking Set (8f8)
8f8 – 10. Crunchy Cassata Dessert
Plaaka CoffeeCup (from Hill Side Deli gacha set)
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – bowls (Elle Kirshner)
Apple Fall Sourbread Loaf in Tin (warehousefifteendesigns)
GOOSE – Bread & knife (tyrek)
*Laika*stacked plate 350mm (Soleil Criss)
Zigana . drawing . Here. (Nalena Fairey)
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Vase With Leaves (Amberly Boccaccio)
b.v Rug (Stripes-big size) (ichi Swansong)
floorplan. basket ladder (Tegan Serin)
Kalopsia – Color Landscape Painting (Isabeau Baragula)
tarte. vintage frame (lemonade) (alixxbella)
tarte. vintage frame (tea)
Birdy – Pug Cafe – Bread shelf 2 – Bakery Sign (Tyr Rozenblum)

Cwtch. Recycled Colander Spring Planter (SleepingKoala) @ Mainstore for 4 Seasons Hunt
[Schultz Bros.] Drury Lane – B (yogijo)
[Schultz Bros.] Drury Lane – C
[sf] barrel planter with flowers 2 (Heavenly Villa)
BUENO-West Coast-Bike -Pink   Group Gift (Mikel Monk)
22. DRD SC platform 5 c/m (deathrowdesigns)
LB_MysticBirch{4Seasons} (Cari McKeenan)
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Chair (Markus Slingshot)
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Table (Markus Slingshot)
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf  (warehousefifteendesigns)
Serenity Style- Cinema Days Doormat (Hanstrid Ishan)


Body Art II Hunt – Applications Open


Body Art II Hunt
June 1st – 30th 2016

Theme – Far from the Norm – something outrageous and shocking!
Applications Open: February 8th 2016
Applications Close: May 1st 2016
Hunt is for adults only as some items may not be PG.
Accepted items: eyes, piercings, jewellery tattoos, skins, makeup, body paints, gauges, implants, skin/makeup appliers, hair, Scarification, Subdermal implants, tongue splitting, branding, body hair.
Please use your imagination! Go crazy! for inspiration check out my Pinterest


Creator Applications
Blogger Applications
Participating Stores (so far)

Sofa Surfers Hunt

sofa surfers hunt

Dates: February 1st – 29th 2016
Applications open: 12th December
Applications close: 12th January
Applications for bloggers will open in January. (current bloggers will have to reapply)

Sofa Surfers is a hunt that will only take place on the Second Life Marketplace.  The hunt will feature a number of stores that are only based on the marketplace, as well as stores that have an inworld location. This type of hunt is not new – one was run a few years ago and Cubby Hole Hunts currently runs The Marketplace Hunt. 

I’ve put in bullet points the details of the hunt:

* I recommend that stores have a marketplace sale along side the hunt.
* Prizes can cost anything below 10L, however the gifts must look like they’re worth more than 10L!
* The gift can either be a new item or something currently there – new would be better though.
* Make sure your marketplace is up to date (add things to it after you’ve added the gift so that hunters can’t ‘sort by newest first’)
* Make sure the store slurls/ blog links are up to date on the Marketplace store.
* First page of your MP is the first thing hunters will see – the stuff has to look good
* The hunt will be a mix of invited stores (taken and open invitations – however I will be fussy with the stores chosen!
* No hints will be needed.
* The hunt prize ads will have a specific image on them, as an example, Cubby Hole Hunts use an image of a treasure chest.
* There will be a list of participating stores on the blog, along with the URLS. Only stores listed on the blog are part of the hunt. 
* There will be previews of the prizes posted on the blog – however any information other than the store name must be left off the advertisment. This is so that hunters can’t search for the specific item.