About Me

I'm back!

**Due to real life, a new baby and 3 year old starting nursery, I’ve only just started blogging again. It’s been nearly a year since I did The White Bedroom! Because of this, my blog is no longer listed on any feeds**

I’m predominantly a home & garden blogger in Second Life although I do sometimes include my avatar. I am obsessed with kitchens, dark rooms and plants. I loves to play with shadows and lighting in my posts, illuminating certain objects so that they stand out. I don’t like to clutter the rooms too much (unless the post is about a hoarder!). I also like to include original artwork in the rooms, original is better than sourced from a stock picture website. 

I do accept blogger copies but please bare in mind that I feature mainly furniture/ decor items so those items are more likely to appear in the posts. I don’t do reviews and I rarely write text (other than the credits), I focus mainly on setting the scenes up and the photography/ editing. 

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are review items sent either directly from the creator, sent through a group or are event items.