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Winter Princess Glass House

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@ The Gacha Garden
Winter Princess: Glass House ~Pillows~ Seed (Vivian Omizu) 
(Flowers from *Funky*Junk* Gabrielle Greenhouse – Weathered) 
Winter Princess: Lounge Chair ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Bed ~Pillows~ RARE
Winter Princess: Divider ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Flower Decor ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Snow Flake Chandelier ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Ruffle Rug ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Bean Bag ~Pillows~
Winter Princess: Floor Vase ~Pillows~
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Birdcage  (DanielEstro)
Cherry House-No.7 – Ivory white  – Cage candlestick (koala0409)

@ Home & Garden Expo
Outside The Box! Lavender (kasslina) @ Hope 7
Outside The Box! Caged Light (kasslina) @ Hope 7
[ zerkalo ] Hope Wreath – Dark (DanielEstro) @ Hope 8

Other items
Frayed Knot Spring Tree single (6Astoria6)
Frayed Knot Spring Tree Group (6Astoria6)
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Charmed Books