Sofa Surfers Hunt

sofa surfers hunt

Dates: February 1st – 29th 2016
Applications open: 12th December
Applications close: 12th January
Applications for bloggers will open in January. (current bloggers will have to reapply)

Sofa Surfers is a hunt that will only take place on the Second Life Marketplace.  The hunt will feature a number of stores that are only based on the marketplace, as well as stores that have an inworld location. This type of hunt is not new – one was run a few years ago and Cubby Hole Hunts currently runs The Marketplace Hunt. 

I’ve put in bullet points the details of the hunt:

* I recommend that stores have a marketplace sale along side the hunt.
* Prizes can cost anything below 10L, however the gifts must look like they’re worth more than 10L!
* The gift can either be a new item or something currently there – new would be better though.
* Make sure your marketplace is up to date (add things to it after you’ve added the gift so that hunters can’t ‘sort by newest first’)
* Make sure the store slurls/ blog links are up to date on the Marketplace store.
* First page of your MP is the first thing hunters will see – the stuff has to look good
* The hunt will be a mix of invited stores (taken and open invitations – however I will be fussy with the stores chosen!
* No hints will be needed.
* The hunt prize ads will have a specific image on them, as an example, Cubby Hole Hunts use an image of a treasure chest.
* There will be a list of participating stores on the blog, along with the URLS. Only stores listed on the blog are part of the hunt. 
* There will be previews of the prizes posted on the blog – however any information other than the store name must be left off the advertisment. This is so that hunters can’t search for the specific item.