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Auryn Beorn’s: Merchant Resource – Part 1

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Auryn Beorn, a Second Life merchant with over 4 years of experience (Black Tulip) has started an epic-series of help guides for Second Life merchants entitled “Merchant Resource”, publishing the first part today.

“When I started,” she says, “I had no idea of things I could (and should) set in place to make my life as merchant, easier. This goes from deciding on a name, to deciding store policies, what information providing to customers, what to write on my product ads, which scripts using to make my life simpler, managing bloggers… and more. But now that I know them, I can try to help you in being better prepared when you start your own adventure.”

I’ll be acting as a marketing consultant to the series, because when it comes to that particular aspect of store set-up and practice, Auryn honestly admits: “I suck at marketing”.

So, I’ll be sharing my views with…

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