Have you ever – Monday Meme

I should be sleeping right now in rl but I’m lying in bed not sleeping. I should sleep when baby sleeps, that’s what the health visitor keeps telling me. I decided to avoid sleeping by doing Berry’s meme,  which is why there’s no picture with this post.

Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life? – No but I’ve always wanted to. Just never been able to afford it or justify spending that much money!

Have you ever created content in Second Life? – Yes for several years. I wasn’t that great tbh. I’ve stopped now due to rl and being crap compared to everyone else!

Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life? – Yes, badly.

Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life? – No

Have you ever played a sport in Second Life? – No.

Have you ever gone clubbing in Second Life? – Yeah, I’ve worked in clubs most of my Slife.

Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life? – Yes. I did the first time I spoke to Tyr Rozenblum. We became friends but I always thought she was just pretending to like me!

Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in Second Life? – Yes

Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in Second Life? – yes

Have you ever taken a nude picture of your avatar in Second Life? – probably

Have you ever dated in Second Life? – Yes

Have you ever had or attended a wedding in Second Life? – yes, twice were my own (same rl person but two different avatars)

Have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs in Second Life? – Yes to all

Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in Second Life? – Yes.  It wasn’t that exciting really.

Have you ever been to Bukkake Bliss in Second Life? – no. Should I?