Hi <3

Hi guys. I am still alive! I haven’t been able to log on SL for a longggggg time because our laptop sucks and can’t run SL :( Until we get a new computer, I won’t be inworld. I miss you guys and blogging. 

I’m fine, rl is going great. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and I’m due Nov 7th which is super exciting but very daunting. I update my Flickr occasionally with rl pictures and I’m still active on Plurk. 

Regarding Blogging Second Life, Kilolo Jenkins has been working on her own to keep the stores & creators lists updated, however she is strugging. If anyone would like to help her out for a bit, please message her inworld. I’m going to try to update the events page however I’m so out of the loop I’ll be relying on Plurk and Flickr for info. If you guys could let me know of any current and future events, their organisers, blog links and location slurls that would be awesome.

Thank you and much love

Evie <3