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The Funny Puppet Fair

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I’ve been spending less time inworld, I really only log on to update Blogging Second Life  and to organise the 2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt now. RL is getting busy, I’ve (finally) found a job and I see my boyfriend quite a lot 😀 This is a rare moment when I have time to do a blog post. 

There are several events on right now. The Funny Puppet Fair (ends 17th June), The Chapter Four (monthly event) and The Arcade (ends June 30th) are the ones that feature in this blog post. I won’t go through each item because it’d take ages and I can’t really be arsed. I love everything in this outfit. I kinda just attached everything that I’ve bought recently to make this cute look. 

funny puppet


funny puppet2

funny puppet3

funny puppet4


Hair | Video Games – BlackFade3 | Truth | Truth Hawks (Old Arcade item)
Skin | \Hotaru/ Skin | Strawberry Jam | IchigoJamu | The Funny Puppet Fair | The skin was originally made by MacyLemon2 and sold full perm on MP. Which is kinda cheating imo)
Shape | My own
Eyes | ~Real brown eye~ brown | Rozena | Lindsay Rozen | old event item
Top |  Summer Tide – Medium- VIP | Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum | VIP gift (idk if it’s still there)
Jeans | Crayo Jeans “red” | even.flow | yingythingy | The Funny Puppet Fair
Shoes | Galaxy Flats | MEOW | paperfairy | Old item from The Chapter Four
Headphones | Radio Headphones – Neon Pink | fashionable dead | Toast Bard | The Arcade 
Flowers | Video Games Roses – Aqua | Truth | Truth Hawks (Old Arcade item)
Tail | Not more bites blue | Tentacio | May Tolsen | The Funny Puppet Fair
Ears | 10 Gift : Rabbit Ears Head Band – Black | {dollle*} | CrystalDoll Lemon | The Funny Puppet Fair
Poses | -hmaem- | riri Bazar