Bees Through The Seasons

Hi you guys. I am still here. Hope you haven’t forgotten me. Things have gotten busy for me in RL, I got myself a new bloke and I have started volunteering at the British Red Cross shop in my town. It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged and I’ve missed it, but please don’t expect me to blog that often!

I’ve been accepted to blog the Bees Through The Seasons event which starts on the 13th April. I missed the last Bees Through The Seasons event because I was on holiday so I’m super excited to be here for this one and honoured to be an official blogger for the event. This is my kind of event! It’s a fun, small (in size and number of stores), intimate, themed event with super adorable items and awesome stores. 
Bees Through The Seasons
Bees Through The Seasons
Hair  | Yuka Black Ash | *Eha | Salut Erin
Skin| Sandra Face 1 natural SUMMER | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota
Shape | My own
Eyeliner | Eye Line 1 | english muffin | remain Coy | Included with a skin
Boobs | Tango ::: Mesh Breasts | Lolas | Sandi Moonites | Mesh
Dress | Little Spring Dress – Greeny | [okkbye] | Elisaokkbye | Bees Through The Seasons
Tights | Buzz Off Stockings: Yellow | “Jim” | Celeste Forwzy | Bees Through The Seasons
Earrings | the I’ll Water your Can Earrings | Olive | naminaeko | Bees Through The Seasons
Glasses | Bloom Glasses: Gold | Intrigue Co. | Katharine McGinni | Bees Through The Seasons
Crown | Daisy Crown Rose Gold | Noodles | Natalee Oodles | Bees Through The Seasons
Necklace & Hairclip | SPRING BEE GEM – set – Silver Lily |  O.M.E.N | DamascusVera | Mesh | Bees Through The Seasons
Antennas  | Queen Bee Antler Antennas | Pink Acid | Stasey Oller | Bees Through The Seasons
Daisy hairclip and daisy on head | The Daisy 2 Pack |  [okkbye] | Elisaokkbye | Bees Through The Seasons
Tongue | Tasty Tongue ~ Honey Bee ~ | {Sugar Heart} | Sugar Heartsdale | Bees Through The Seasons
Bee on nose & Poses | BEE ON YER NOSE ~ 4 Pose Set + Bee | {Sugar Heart} | Sugar Heartsdale | Bees Through The Seasons
Location | Kitten’s Heaven – Kitten’s Heaven is closing at the end of April so go see it before it closes!