Evie’s Style Diary is 4 years old!

happy birthday blog

Just a few thank yous, I need to keep it short because I need to start on the Blogging Second Life update post!

Thank you for my readers and followers for still being interested in my blog.
Thank you to all the designers that send me review items, I am honoured that you believe my blog is good enough to blog your items.
Thank you to all the event organisers that have allowed me to be a part of your event. 
Thank you to all the people who follow me on Flickr, that add my pictures as favourites and comment on them.
Thank you to all the designers in Second Life for making such amazing things. Blogs wouldn’t exist if you weren’t here.
Thank you to my fellow bloggers for inspiring me and sharing your wonderful pictures with us.

My blog would suck monkey balls if it weren’t for you guys. 

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Head | Doll Head – Neutral | fashionably dead | Toast Bard @ The Arcade
Bandaid | Kawaii Band Aid {Skulls}-Nose | Epic | Jade Winthorpe @ Luck of the Irish
Costume | Wild Rumpus Goat (white) | Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum
Cupcake | Sugar Rush – 4 | *~*HopScotch*~* | Chandni Khondji @ free*style (in the gatcha)