Second Life

The 7th Unknown Hunt – Apps Open!

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Applications are open!
Timeframe: Stores must have opened AFTER June 1st 2012.
Dates: 1st – 30th April 2013
Max Stores: 40 (unless more apply)
Applications for bloggers & designers open: Jan 22nd
Applications close for bloggers & designers: Feb 22nd
Theme: Birds – The gifts must be something that includes birds. Any type of birds!
There is no cost for hunt items. They are 0L


Rule 1: You may sell your gifts after the hunt if you wish.
Rule 2: All gifts must be NEW, they can not be recolours or items already in your stores.
Rule 3: Gifts must be top quality. A great gift increases the chances of hunters returning to your store after the hunt.
Rule 4: Stores will be removed from the hunt if:
1) they fail to join the group before the hunt starts. If you don’t recieve an invitation, please IM me.
2) they fail to put out their hunt sign when it’s sent out before the hunt begins
3) they fail to put their items out (hunt item, sign & hint giver) before the hunt starts
4) they move during the hunt and don’t inform me of the move
Rule 5: You can make male, female and/or unisex gifts

If you have any questions please contact Evelyn Hartshon. Also, it would help if you would add me to your friends list inworld.