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Leafy – Amethyst – Sunkissed *Coming Soon*

This is the Sunkissed tone of Leafy’s new skin – Amethyst, aiming to be released Monday 5th November as soon as possible. Kaethe is running late due to rl isses. I’m devastated that I won’t have time to do a big post featuring all the tones tomorrow before I leave, but when I’m back from New Zealand I will do a blog post featuring all of them. Kaethe is currently still working on uploading the masses of textures so wasn’t able to send me the cleavage or lipsticks layers that come with the skins so I’ll deffo include them in the next post. By then you will have probably seen the skins everywhere anyways lol

I will be honest with you (and Kaethe already knows my thoughts), when Kaethe told me that she would be reworking the lips I was kind of sad because the original lips where what I thought made the skins unique and recognisable. I loved them because they looked more realistic in my honest opinion. Whilst I do love the new softer lips, I think I will always prefer the old lips. All in all, I love this skin. Kaethe did do a great job on it and it was worth the wait. I deffo think you should go demo when it’s released!

Have a great November, and hopefully see you in December (unless I decide to stay in NZ for longer). If you’d like to stay up to date on what I’m up to over in Singapore & New Zealand, you can follow my blog here.

For the names of the skin colours, go to my flickr, hover over the pics. I’ve labelled each one.

Hair | Ruby | !lamb | Lamb Bellic | Mesh
Undies | Little Ache | Kyoot | Saeya Nyanda