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Raid Your Closet – Week 3 (Very late)

So as you know, I was moving house last weekend. The move went fine, hard saying bye but now I’m all settled in, my computer is set up on mums desk (she has a laptop) so I didn’t need boxes to put it my computer on. My SL time has gone down drastically, she won’t let me log on much. I’ll make the most of logging on SL when she goes out ūüėÄ

So anyways I haven’t had a chance to blog nor do last weeks Raid Your Closet post so I’m catching up now.



Hair | Twin РKit Kat | !lamb | Lamb Bellic РJuly 2012
Skin | Briar Р Fawn  Рbreast option | Aura | Tyr Rozenblum РMarch 2012 (Closed)
Shape | my own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo РApril 2011
Tshirt |  i like polar bears | NANUK | Dowr РFeb 2011
Jacket | Rollup Check Jackett(LuckyBoard)-gray | and count | canue Glazner РSeptember 2010 (Lucky board)
Skirt | 444 Dress Рskirt | Jack Spoon | Steffy Ghost РOctober 2011
Wellies| rainy rainy boots | u.f.o | charming Meiler РJuly 2011 (old hunt gift)

Scarf |¬†¬†Scarfs (red) | Vette’s Boutique |¬†Vette DeCuir – Feb 2009 (Store closed as far as I know)
Hat |¬†Winter Hat Gift ‚̧ | Modd G |¬†moddishh GossipGirl – December 2009 (Closed)
Newspaper | Newspaper Umbrella gift to Plurk Frens! | -RC- Cluster | Redd Columbia РAugust 2010