Blogging Second Life

Do you know about Blogging Second Life? No? Let me tell you about it! Blogging Second Life is a directory of Second Life stores, blogs and events. Our aim is to make your Second Life a little more exciting. We help fuel your shopping needs, we try to bring you the latest events across the grid and we give you new blogs to read. We would love it if you could add Blogging Second Life to your blogroll to help promote it. 

We offer the following:

Today, we added a new feature to Blogging Second Life. We already had the database for bloggers accepting review items, so we decided it would make sense to add another database for creators that are looking for bloggers. These spreadsheets are a great way for bloggers and creators to connect and we hope you use it!

You can apply using these links

Each week we tirelessly go through application after application, checking blogs and teleporting to stores.We publish update posts on Mondays, listing all the additions to Blogging Second Life from the previous week. 

We also have an inworld group, a Flickr group and a Facebook page. 

Blogging Second Life is a join project of Evelyn Hartshon & Cajsa Lilliehook.