Second Life


Hi :D I’ve been on holiday for a week but I’m back now! WHY DOES EVERYTHING AMAZING START/ GET RELEASED WHEN I’M NOT HERE?! Anyhoo I’m catching up now. New stuff! Let me start with the Leafy skin. If you want fantasy skins (and regular skins) go to this store. They are amazing! The one in the pic is ‘Sapphire – Fantasy – Opal – Matte – Nebula – LB’. It has really subtle pink and blue eyeshadow and silver/ white skin. The dress is the latest release from mijn.botique. The store is owned by a lady called Mijn Seoung and she previously owned mijn.t and BRB. I’ve always loved her creations, ever since I discovered mijn.t when it was around.  The dress comes in several colours and each colour has two versions. The other colours are brighter :D It’s not just the dress in the pic that’s from mijn.botique, the bag, tights, the cross bracelet and the other chunky bracelet are from there too! I went on a bit of a spree! The small beaded bracelet is a new release from ASO!


Hair  | Lover 2.0 – Double-Dip | epoque | Vintage McMillan | Mesh
Skin | Sapphire – Fantasy – Opal – Matte – Nebula – LB | Leafy | Kaethe Dyrssen | New!
Shape | my own
Eyes | FATEeyes | Damien Fate
Eyeliner | (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Bottom) | cheLLe | Nina Iridescent
Eyelashes |  lashes 43 | Chaisuki | Chai Kazan (old gift)
Cheeks | Contour Blush – Pink Mid | Dead Apples | Soleil Reid
Face Highlight | Tintable Facial Highlight | Dead Apples | Soleil Reid
Lips |  HYDRA Lip balm (5) | Pekka | Ginevra Rodex
Dress | *Frill Casual Mini Dress* black&white | mijn.botique | Mijn Seoung | Mesh | New!
Tights |*flash ombre tights* black&white | mijn.botique | Mijn Seoung

Shoes | Demsi /  Liquor Black | Kookie | Kookie Lemon | Mesh
Bag | BANG BANG! clutch | mijn.botique | Mijn Seoung | Mesh | Re- positioned
Cross Bangle | *crossed bangle* SILVER | mijn.botique | Mijn Seoung | Mesh
Bangle | simple bangle / silver | mijn.botique | Mijn Seoung | Mesh
Peace Bracelet | AlphabetBrace(PEACE)Silver | ASO! | Menieelee Gelles | New!
Poses | marukin | Valencia Southard (C88)