18th August

dear diary.

I should have blogged this outfit earlier, but it isn’t want I wanted it to look like. I wanted the highwaist shorts to go over the top, but I couldn’t because the top was only sold on a jacket layer (designers plz for the <3 of god, make clothes on all layers) I NEED TO LAYER MY STUFF! Also, the shorts didn’t have a jacket layer that included the highwaist part and the shorts part on the same layer. This made me sadface. I did IM the creator of the shorts and she’s gonna make a jacket layer thingy for me and sent it to me tomorrow but I wanted to blog this now! I’ll blog the shorts again. 

I put my hair in curlers last night. This was the result. Kinda crazy huh? lol



Hair | Isabelle | Tameless | Nita Bracken
Skin | Phoebe/BALD/Breast.ENH – COCOA | MOJO | Ethan74 Rumpler | Limited Bazaar (not sure if there are any of these skins left – sorry)
Shape | my own
Eyes | Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Brown | Insuferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede | old event item
Top | Striped Sweater – Teal | Le Boom | Lacie Stormcrow 
Shorts | Denim High Waist Short Shorts – DK. Stonewash 1 | Strawberry Fizz | Strawberryfizz | Vintage Fair
Tights | Tights: Medium Opaque: Emerald Ocean 2 | Strawberry Fizz | Strawberryfizz  | Vintage Fair
Shoes | Platform Pumps | HOC | Guu Nishi
Earrings | Suri – Pink Pearls – Gold and Silver | Maxi Gossamer | Maxi Gossamer
Poses | shopo.O | Yoon Seomun