I’m in this round at The Fashion Cache! The item is brand new, hasn’t been released in the store so you guys can get it first! It’s only 100L and part mesh (the front crotch prim is mesh, but also included is regular crotch prims)

The One Voice Gala Fundraiser starts on July 1st. Gala was forced to close her store last month and is now trying to raise enough money ($20k) to pay for the court fees. The reason for this? Hush Darkrose (owner of the skin store Hush) has ripped Gala’s skins. There’s info on exactly what’s happening on the Curio blog.

Anyways, a bunch of designers have got together and created exclusive donation items for the event. 50% – 100% of the donations go straight to Gala. This dress is 150L, there are three colours and they’re part mesh. More of these will be in my…

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