Second Life


There’s a 10L huge bag of crap at rbcg. Kyrsten put it out cos she’s revamped her store and made new stuff. The bag isn’t actually full of crap. There’s some random things that there’s no real purpose for apart from to make you look like an idiot. As you can see in the pictures. Kyrsten described the bag as crap, it’s not me being mean ūüėõ In fact, her notice said:

”¬†to celebrate i¬†have placed out a HUGE BAG OF CRAP, yes, ¬†A HUGE BAG OF CRAP! tons of items i¬†have discontinued and/or never released for only 10 lindonians! i don’t even know how much crap is in there, because it’s too much crap to count!

The big moon ball thing is in the bag, plus the glasses, paper plane, pancakes on a plate, the pencil with bow tie and the t-shirt. The head thing with the carrot is a new release. The carrot doesn’t have to be a carrot. It can be a book, lamp, paper plane or balloon. Just click it.

Jeans and shoes are from eleanor rigby¬†(rbcg’s¬†second cousin twice removed). Flashlight is from Y’s House, hair from lamb and skin from Pink Fuel.


Hair | Ruby (Mesh) РBlur Ombre | Lamb | lamb Bellic | Mesh
Skin | PERSONA Skins РJersey (teeth) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena | Culture Shock
Shape | My own
Eyes | FATEeyes | Damien Fate | NEW!
T-shirt | crop tee {zombies. | rbcg | Kyrsten Jigsaw | In the bag of crap
Jeans |
 plain jane cigarette jeans (rinsed) | eleanor rigby | Kyrsten Jigsaw

Undies | Little Ache Lingerie (Hot Pink) | Kyoot | Saeya Nyanda 
Shoes | camper clogs  (black) | eleanor rigby | Kyrsten Jigsaw

Flashlight |¬†Vintage Flashlight [Red] | Y’s House |¬†yacchan Clip
crap in bag stuff:  geoplane!, nerd couture eat lead black, pancake stack! head w/ plate, poppin eyeball glasses, the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Head piece | things headpiece {with toggle  | rbcg | Kyrsten Jigsaw