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Inventory Organising Pt 2 – The Tops

Hi Everybody!

Part 2 of my tutorial is to show you how I organise my Tops folder. I’ve renamed the Vests/ Tanks/ Halternecks so that it’s just called Basics. I’m using the Vests/Tanks/ Halterneck folder as an example for this post. I will be doing this with my other Tops folders 😀 Click Continue Reading to see the rest of the blog post.

Links to the Tops slideshows: Cardigans, Hoodies, Jackets, Long Sleeve, Ponchos & Waistcoats, Jumpers & Sweaters, Vests, Tanks. I’ve put a comment with the name of the store that the item of clothing is from. I will be doing this for all the items in my inventory hopefully, though it might take a while.


4 thoughts on “Inventory Organising Pt 2 – The Tops”

    1. There will be a part 3 😀 It’ll be skirts, shorts and trousers. It’s the accessories one that I’m dreading because that folder really is a mess lol

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