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Inventory Organising Pt 1 – The Layout

Two years ago I wrote an Inventory Cleaning blog post. A few things have changed since 2010 such as the location of my folders and also the viewers and features! I’ve decided to re- organise my inventory, but this time I have also decided to take snapshots of my items and post them on I was inspired to do this by one of Anya Ohmai’s tutorials and a friend on Plurk suggested using Liveshare. So far I have only added my tops, which you can see here, I am hoping to do all my inventory but you’ll have to bear with me, it might take a while!

The Layout

Part 1 of my Inventory Organising tutorials (if you want to call them that) just shows the basic layout of my inventory, how to filter and new search options. Sometimes it’s easier to have two inventory windows open at the same time so that you can see two open folders at the same time so that you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down. Please note that I am using Firestorm 3.3.0 (24880) with the Silver Blue Starlight Skin.

First thing – folders are your best friend. Don’t be scared to make loads of them! My items are split into main folders, so I have accessories, avatars, bikinis, bodysuits, costumes, dress outfits, dresses, gorean/ fantasy, pyjamas, shoes, skirt outfits, skirts, socks & tights, tops, trousers outfits, trousers and underwear. Each folder is split into sub folders, as you can see below, the tops folder has 14 sub folders, inside these sub folders are more sub folders. The example in the picture below are for my tops:

Tops -> Jackets -> Smart jackets/ Suits -> Brand.

The rest of my tutorial posts will go into further detail about each of the main folders!

Cutting Inventory Count by Filtering

If you’re wanting to cut down on your inventory count then the best places to start (in my opinion) are landmarks, notecards, textures and scripts. The easiest way of doing this is to filter your inventory to only show the items that you want to see.

I’ve filtered my inventory so now it only shows the landmarks that are in my inventory. They can go in my trash because I don’t save landmarks. Deleting the landmarks from all the folders apart from the Landmarks folder and my notecards folder reduced my inventory by 395 items 😀 You can do this for all your filters.

Searching for something in your inventory

You can now search by creator name and UUID (on Firestorm, I don’t know if other viewers have this feature). Click the cog, then Search By > Creator (or the other options), then in the box where it says Filter Inventory, type in the creators name. In the example below, I searched for Anya Ohmai and it shows me everything that I have in my inventory that Anya Ohmai has created! How cool is that! Of course you can still search the normal way 🙂

If you have any other suggestions of how to organise inventories please leave comments! I hope this helped in any way 🙂


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