SL Account -> Paypal in Process

I have not had a reply from the Epilepsy Foundation yet so I have started the process now.  I had to transfer the lindens from the secbdonations avatar account to Evelyn Hartshon’s account because there was something wrong with the Selling Linden thingy on the secbdonations account (I think cos Epi made the avi maybe)

First pic is secbdonations account – total is L$25,437 (I added L$200 of my own money to it too – my little donation)

(The transaction between the SL account and euroSLEX Euler was me seeing if transfering via VirWox to paypal would work. It didn’t because the amount was too large)

New pic is Evelyn’s account showing the lindens from secbdonations.

I transferred Evelyn’s 480L to my alt so that it was just the L$25,437 in there.

Third pic shows the Sell L$ Confirmation. This is where it turns the L$ into USD.

Next is where I process the transaction between SL to Paypal. I blanked out my RL email.

Final stage is the transaction details between SL and Paypal.

It took $1 off for the processing fee. Total lindens sent to paypal is L$94.14

LindeX Exchange says it takes 0-5 business days to process the money, and since it’s nearly the weekend, it won’t appear in my paypal until next week sometime.

Once it’s in paypal, it will have to go into my RL account then to the donation page. (It doesn’t like paypal). I’ll screenshot everything but with my rl bank snapshot I’ll have to blank out a few bits.