Studs & Leather

One of the most epic (in my opinion) events this year has started. Four Corners opened today,  an event organised by Emily Kaestner (owner of croire). It’s a fashion & home expo inspired by four prominent trends in the industry today (info taken from the official Event Info notecard). The event runs from December 17th – 24th and for more info you can check out the website.

I adore this leather jacket from Beetlebones! It’s a mesh leather jacket with studs around the collar, pockets and back. The pants are also leather, as well as the boots. Does this mean I’m an animal killer because I wear leather and does it mean Nena and Sue are animal killers too because they made leather items? No it does not! I know some jackasses started calling Anya Ohmai a ‘fox murderer’ because of the fox stole that she made for Collabor88. Wanna know what I think? Grow the hell up. There are more important things in the world to worry about than a pixel FAUX fox! No animals were harmed in making this stole, and Anya specifically made the fox have abnormally sized limbs to avoid this sort of bitching. Stop hating on her. Please. /End Rant.


Hair | cordelia [blonds]  | (love) | Mae Liamano | Four Corners
Skin | [IREN]-=Dani=-_medium| IREN | Irischka Hotshot
Shape | My own
Eyes | GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Eyelashes | Lashes – 2 | Medley | Arriah Fiertze
Eyeshadow | ~Platina eyeshadow~ grey | Rozena | Lindsay Rozen
Lips | Glam Lipstick – (Burgundy) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Jewellery | Manufactured Antler Earring | bellballs essentials | violette vyper
Tongue | Hot day Tongue | The Attic | jon99 engineer | Old hunt gift
Belt | Lick Itself Buckle Down Belt  | Virus Co | Kirsten Bailey | Store Closed
Jacket | Studded Biker Jacket (Black) | BeetleBones | suetabulous yootz | Four Corners **MESH**
Top | Hannah Shirt – Animal | Doppelganger | Syler Morgwain | Four Corners 
Pants | Zipped Leather Pants -Faded Black | League | Nena Janus | Four Corners 
Shoes | Girls’ Biker Boots | Redgrave | Emilia Redgrave
Gloves | Fingerless Gloves (charcoal)  | aberrant | Dylain Nikita
Pose | Long Awkward Pose | Dove Swanson