Blogging Second Life

Blogging Second Life® is an attempt to provide a comprehensive resource for the rest of the Second Life community. This is a community resource. We ask you to add us to your blogrolls and links. Tell your blogger and creator friends about us and encourage them to provide their information so they, too, can be added to the lists.

Applications and instructions for all categories can be found on the main page.

We have the Blogs section which includes: Feeds, Freebie Blogs, Kids fashion blogs, Lifestyle, Magazines, Modeling and Marketing, Womens blogs, mens blogs, News, Personal Journals and Commentary, travel, tutorials and Viewers & Techie Stuff.

In the stores section we have: Accesories and Shoes, Animations & poses, Body (skins, shapes, makeup etc), building components, gadgets & toys, home & garden, kids stores, Malls & Shopping Districts
Mens Clothing, Mesh Stores Using Standard Sizing, Sales Events & Shopping, Stores Selling Mesh, Women’s Clothing.

We will soon be adding roleplay pages to the blog and store section!

Each Monday we will post a round up of the previous weeks additions to the blog, stores and blogs that have been added!

Blog owners are: Cajsa Lilliehook and Evelyn Hartshon. Authors are: Arora Zanzibar, Elle Couerblanc and Daniel Guisse

Arora & Daniel are working on adding all the missing store links, Elle is working on the roleplay blog list, Cajsa is in charge of the blogs and I am in charge of The Stores & Creators Lists.

We are hoping to add a section on the blog for entertainment (performers, dj’s, clubs etc) but we are hoping to get someone to join us that knows more about those subjects than we do. If you’re interested please contact Cajsa Lilliehook!