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A bit about Firestorm Mesh.

I hate to admit it, I am now a converted mesh fan! The only thing stopping me wearing mesh out and about inworld is that currently the folks using the 1.23 viewers can’t see mesh. However, good and bad news for Phoenix viewers. The good news is that there will be a Phoenix Mesh viewer. As far as I know, the date of when it will be released hasn’t been announced yet. There is also a lot of bad news regarding the release of this mesh viewer and Phoenix viewers in general. There will only be two more Phoenix viewer releases – the regular Phoenix update and the mesh viewer. There’s more bad news for Phoenix users, you will still have to change to Firestorm eventually. You will need a SSE2 capable computer just like Firestorm and LL v2/v3 does.

Releasing this mesh viewer is just an attempt to keep Phoenix alive for as long as possible. There are no plans to implement mesh uploads, so designers, if you’re hoping to be able to upload mesh using Phoenix, you won’t be able to.

Jessica Lyons states on the Phoenix blog: This [release of mesh viewer]  will extend that shelf life for the Phoenix Viewer a little bit longer, but not forever. Enjoy it while you have it. You can read more on the official blog here:

Personally, no way am I going back to Phoenix viewer. I’ve spent several months getting used to Firestorm and I won’t be wasting those months by going back to Phoenix. Also, what would be the point of me going back if I’ll just have to change again? You can hold on to Phoenix viewer as long as you want but the reality is you will HAVE to change to Firestorm or official LL viewer (or any other V2 based viewers) in the end. As Jessica said: ” Enjoy it while you have it”.

Anyways, about the outfit! The skirt and top are from Raspberry Aristocrat for The Red Seal hunt. The second thing I want to show you is the skin from Leafy. The skin can be bought on it’s own for L$1150 (there are two seperate tones) or they can be bought with a limited shape for L$1257. I’m not wearing the shape because of the mesh clothing. I’m not sure how many of the limited skins/ shapes there will be. If you want to demo them, go to the store now!


Hair: Amiya [Alpha v1] – Blonde | Alice Project | Alice Demonia | Mesh –  New!
Skin: Zan (Lumiel – Garden – DBFR | Leafy | Kaethe Dyrssen | Limited Skin
Eyes: Eyes M – emerald | Body Couture | BodyCoutour | TUH:EN
Eyeliner: (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) | cheLLe |  Chelle Carousel | Kozmetika
Lashes: No longer available
Eyeshadow: Smokey Eyes | CandyDoll | rebeca Dembo | Kozmetika
Tank: mesh tank – Petunia.Berry Smooch | Raspberry Aristocrat | Raspberry Aristocrat | Red Seal Hunt
Skirt: mesh skirt – etunia.Berry Smooch | Raspberry Aristocrat | Raspberry Aristocrat | Red Seal Hunt
Sandals: Gladiator Sandals (Black) | Gabriel | Takuya Jinn
Poses: I forgot sorry