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Mesh arrives @ haut.monde

I bet by now you’re sick of the sight of mesh clothes! So many stores have mesh items, and one of them is haut.monde 😀 Finally, the Phoenix devs have released a mesh viewer, it’s still in early progress so there are a few bugs but you can download it here (with caution)  which means I can now see and blog mesh 😀 There are a few downsides to mesh, one is that there are still viewers that are not mesh enabled (like Phoenix) so if you’re using one of them, the avs wearing mesh will love part invisible with big blobs behind them! Not attractive! One of the other downsides is that wear mesh items means you will have to either change your body shape and/ or wear alpha layers (unless your avi already fits the clothes perfectly!) All mesh clothing is NO MOD! For more info on mesh have a look at these links:

All I needed to do was change my avis boob size and body fat a tiny bit for this dress, so nothing drastic thank god!

The haut.monde dresses have two sizes, small and medium and include an alpha layer.

The following three pictures show how the mesh dress looks in different positions!

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Credits for this outfit:

Hair: Mana (Type A) (Citrine | D!va | Marisa Kira | Current Group Gift
Skin: Arabella – Peachy | Apple May | Apple May | Old event item
Eyes: Eyes M – emerald | Body Couture | BodyCoutour | TUH:EN
Eyeliner: (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) | cheLLe |  Chelle Carousel | Kozmetika
Lips 1: Miss Priss Lipgloss 5 (small lips) | Cheap Makeup | Stella Semaphore
Lips 2: bitten lipstain – Beachen Peachen | (AG) |  Amiee Galicia
Dress: Floral Mesh Dress | haut.monde | Teresa Republic |  Mesh!
Sandals: Secrets of Isis | -SKIFIJA- | goran Osterham
Poses: LAP | Dove Swanson, socialANGTz | Suri Yangtz