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See ya later!

On Monday, Tyr Rozenblum announced that  Grixdale will be closing on August 31st. You guys, more than anyone, know how much I love Grixdale and how much Tyr has inspired me as a designer. I cried when she plurked that she’s closing and again when I read her Flickr post. Grixdale (formely Tyranny Designs) has been open 2 years or so and over those two years, Tyr has got better and better and I adore her clothes. You can read her reasons for closing here:
It wasn’t a major shock for me because I knew she was having less fun in SL and wanted to concentrate on RL, but it was still devastating. The good news is that Tyr IS NOT leaving Second Life, nor is she closing Aura (her second brand), so I can still bug her and ask her for help (she probably hates me doing it lol). The support for her on Plurk and flickr has being overwhelming, lots of sad faces but also lots of happy faces too. Dispite what some people think (Yes I’m thinking of one specific person – It was a response in someones plurk but her timeline is private so can’t share it). Grixdale closing is a big deal, things have changed even if Tyr is keeping Aura open. It’s the end of an era, for me anyway, it’s the end of Tyr’s girly and cute designs. Aura will be edgier and funkier (I will be blogging Aura things) \o/

Anyways, Tyr is having a closing sale, all Grixdale items are 100L then GONE FOREVER! She said that it’s unlikely that she’ll put Grixdale items on marketplace, so if you want them go get them now! The only items that will be moved to Aura are her skins. I decided to show you one of her ‘No strings attached’ dresses, which no doubt you’ve already seen in my older posts, because it is just so adorable.

Now go spend money at Grixdale! Slurl is up there ^


Hair: Paisley // Blonde pack | Magika | Sabina Gully
Skin: {Light} Indie: Plain Jane – Dark Brows | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg
Eyes: GemStone eye G04 | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo
Blusher: Simple Line+ Blush | La Malvada Mujer | faina Cortes
Lips: Elly <Milk> Doll Gloss/Teeth ( Beestung) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Dress: No Strings attached – Rose (Dark) | Grixdale | Tyr Rozenblum
Feet: Jolie Barefoot High Base | SLink | Siddean Munro
Poses: DARE & Tea (Stores both closed)