Bonne Chance!

Two days ago I announced a blogger challenge. I want you to choose a store (or store)s from my list of Stores & Creators on my blog. The store (or stores) has to be one that you have never heard of or never been to before. You can do as many entries as you want, there’s no limit! The list is constantly being updated so keep checking back. Obviously I know all the stores I’ve put on the list, so in this post I’m showing you an item from a store I discovered yesterday!
The store is called bonne chance, and it’s one of the stores in the Poupee Hunt. If you haven’t done the hunt, I really recomend that you do it! It has some great stores, with both male and female prizes.

This gray dress shown in this picture is from bonne chance and it’s only 90L. It’s a cute dress and great quality. The shoes are the hunt gift from [A:B]Accessory Bone & yoyo9.




Hair: Roots Edition // Andarial | Magika | Sabina Gully
Skin: {Light} Indie: Plain Jane – Light Brows | Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg | TSHS
Lashes (Tattoo Layer): faux twiggy lashes | don’t freak out! |Willa Whybrow
Lashes: No longer available
Lips: Elly – Glap Lipstick/Teeth – (Cherry) | Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena
Eyes: Real brown eye~ brown | Rozena | Lindsay Rozen | Poupee Hunt Gift
Dress: Nana dress Gray Shirt | bonne chance | vitamingirl
Shoes: FF Shoes | -[A:B]Accessory Bone & yoyo9 | IceMoon Lee |Poupee Hunt Gift
Poses: Posies | Anatalia Honi


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