Second Life

World’s End Garden ~Blanc et Noir

This really is one of the most stunning places I have been to. There’s something beautiful about eeriness, and this is certainly an eerie place. World’s End Garden has two parts – Blanc and Noir (White and Black). The sim is under construction at the time of publishing this, so teleport routing to the ground is blocked. Instead you will land in this place. Lucia Genesis (owner of World’s End Garden) is also a clothing designer, she took part in the 49L Buzzurl event last March and has also created two dresses for the Help Japan event. You can see images of these items on her blog.

If you join the group (there’s a group joiner at the landing point) you can get four group gifts! Two AMAZING gowns and two AMAZING head accessories! I am wearing the gown ‘La Nuit Du Chasseur’ and the head decoration ‘La rose noire de la raine‘. The gown also includes shoes.

The first four pictures were taken at the Noir part of World’s End Garden, the fifth image is at the Blanc part. There’s a tp at the landing point. The lighting and contrast in images 1,2 and 4 were edited a little in photoshop, just to make them a little lighter.
I contacted Lucia to ask for more information but no reply yet :(



Hair: Shaken not Stirred | Clawtooth | Bubbles Clawtooth | Old 50L Friday item)
Skin: Katey – Caramel – Bad Night | Apple May Designs | Apple May | Lucky Board
Shape: My own
Outfit: La Nuit Du Chasseur  | World’s End Garden | Lucia Genesis | Group Gift
Head Accessory: La rose noire de la raine | World’s End Garden | Lucia Genesis | Group Gift