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Always True To You In My Fashion

ok so ya anno wierd post title right? It’s because it’s the song (Peggy Lee, George Shearing – Always True To You In My Fashion) playing on the music stream at my store (the stream is the one at Tableau, so ya now you know why it’s wierd!) This is an on location post, well half on location and half on a pose stand :D

Hope you like it! p.s check this out, two years ago I did a grocery store post and gosh it was awful! Bare in mind this was a week after I started my blog! I can’t believe my avi looked like that! Grocery Store post March 11th 2009

The images in this post were taken here. You can buy alot of the items in this store and all are free!



Hair: Honey – Chocolate Bars pack – Butterfinger by lamb|lamb bellic
Skin: {tan} JeJune Rose by Tres Blah|Julliette Westerburg
Shape: Custom Made by Sonatrix Dench
Cheeks: Cheekcolour – Hot and Bothered by Pididdle| Brutus Martinek (at Kozmetika)
Nails: Taste The Rainbow by Rezlpsa Loc|RezIpsa Luckstone (at Kozmetika)
Lashes: lashes by Medley (No longer available)
Eyes: Erik Eyes by Tribal Soul Designs|Syndel Daviau (Old hunt gift)
Sweater: Union Jack Sweat (Navy) by [Sleepy Eddy]|Metro Moonwall (Lucky Board)
Jeans: Distressed StoneWash Jeans by PomPomPom|Evelyn Hartshon (Coming Soon)
Shoes: Bows Bows Distressed Red by In Her Shoes|Rachel Boram
Poses by Torrid, AnaLu, doll|Suri Christen, don’t freak out|Willa Whybrow and Ah Flou|blur mannequin