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The Unknown Hunt Spring

The Unknown Hunt Spring
Runs: 1- 30th April 2011
Aiming for maximum of 80 stores. 
Applications close - March 1st. I won't be processing the applications until the applications close date. You will recieve a confirmation that I receieved the application when it's sent to me.

The Unknown Hunt Spring is the third hunt in The Unknown series! The theme of this hunt is spring, and unlike the previous two hunts, this one is for stores that have opened between November 2010 and March 2011. 

 1. No resellers and BIAB (Business in a box) will be accepted- so don't bother applying. 

2. All items must be your own work not taken off the Internet. 

3. If your store moves or closes please contact me ASAP. If you move or close your store without telling me I will contact you ONCE. If I have no reply from you I will issue a skip and you will be replaced.

4. Item must be something new, as in it can't be already for sale in your store.

5. You store must have opened anytime after November 1st 2010! 

Must be completed in full or will be discarded.
Send Application to Evelyn Hartshon
Rename: TUHS - Store Name
(Ex: TUHH- PomPomPom)

Store Owners Name:

Store Name: 

Second Contact: (not mandatory):

Sim Rating:(PG, Mature, Adult):



Store Blog/ Website(if Any):

When did your store open?
Please rename Application correctly or it will be discarded.

Rename: TUHS - Store Name

Return Complete Application to Evelyn Hartshon