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Grixdale Skins Preview and Group Gift

As some of you may (or may not) know, Tyranny Designs is currently being rebranded to Grixdale. Grixdale will be opening on the 11th Feb 2011 \o/ The skins in this post will be available on Monday at Aura and then at Grixdale when it opens.

I received a folder from Tyr today which contained 10 of her new skins. The pack she sent us was a Valentines set called Emery Finds Love which will be available to buy at Aura tomorrow. Each valentine pack will contain two makeup layers and possibly freckle layers and will cost 900L. The whole line of Emery skins will be partially released on the 11th Feb 2011 and the rest at the Skin Fair on Feb 20th 2011.

Be Mine and valentine <3 are the sets in the pack and each one has 5 skin tones – caramel, paper, honey, sugar and mint.

The first five skins in this post are the Be Mine set. L-R caramel, paper, honey, sugar and mint. The other 5 skins are the valentine <3 set. L-R caramel, honey, mint, paper and sugar. (Please note, the skins don’t match the exact inworld colour because I use the AnaLu *studio* 5 light setting to brighten the pics up)

Above left – Be Mine in caramel.  Above right – valentine <3 in caramel


Tyr also sent out a group gift (via her inworld group {Tyranny Designs} V.I.P.- 250L to join) yesterday which was a preview of some clothing she’s releasing when Grixdale opens. The t-shirt is called Sleeveless T – Violet Hues – Gray Jersey, the vest is Simply Tanks – Striped – Brown, the socks on the left are Pastel – Sock Set and the ones on the right are Antique – Sock Set – dingy brown. The socks are old favourites of Tyrs so she’s releasing them again :D


Hair: Egomanicial Honeycomb by lamb (50L Friday item)
Eyes: Erik Eyes by Tribal Soul Designs (TNBT Hunt prize)
Undies: Polka Tulle Lingerie blue by Fishy Strawberry (I think a gift but not sure)
Poses by exposeur.