Theme Market

rockstarroo Gossipgirl has organised a new sales event, it’s a themed market (hence the name of the post). At the start of each month participating stores are given a theme, this month it’s Childhood Memories. Designers must create one or more items in the theme. All items cost 100L or under. The event is at Twilight Waters, home of Atooly. There are also heaps of other stores there selling a variety of items. Participating stores in the Theme Market are nox, Acide, Twat Waffle, bellballs, diavolicious, zombie fetus, PomPomPom, Be happy, Animate Me, mo’ fashion, nestle my bosom, Orion, peqe, Vicarious Vitae, Iced, Dark Water Designs, Zari,Visualz Sassy, esuga and Atooly.

The event starts January 9th 2011 :D I will be posting a blog about some of the items tomorrow (not everything is out yet)