I’ve Got A Cold

Pass me the tissues!! These adorable skins are previews of the new line of skins from Pididdle, yes you read right, Pididdle now have skins! Noctea Desprese has joined forces with Brutus and has created the brand Pididdle Skins. These are by far my favourite skins right now!

These three that I am showing you are a preview of what’s to come from Noctea. These skins are on special offer, only 249L per tone until January 10th then they will go up to full price (I don’t know how much that will be)
If you like your makeup tattoo layers, then these are perfect! They have no makeup, the lips are bare, there’s no eyeshadow, only a little bit of black eyeliner. Each set – Cream, Milk and Sugar, includes 4 skins, 3 skins have different eyebrow colours (blonde, brown and black) and one skin has no eyebrows. The sets also include the red blush makeup and two eyebrow shapers.

I love how youthful and cute they make evie look and they look good with her shape too \o/

First set is the Cream tone with the brown eyebrows. This is the darkest of the three sets. The first face closeup shows the skin with the blush tattoo layer. The second is without the blush.

This second pic shows the Milk tone, which is my favourite on evie.

Sugar is the palest tone out of the three and I think it makes evie look really ill lol

Go grab these skins before they go up to full price! Definitely worth it <3

Pose from with love & squalor
Skins: Tej {Cream} I’ve got a Cold by <Pididdle>
Tej {Milk} I’ve got a Cold by <Pididdle>
Tej {Sugar} I’ve got a Cold by <Pididdle>
Hair: Xmas group gift by D!va
Undies: Undies Flowers by Cat’s Eyes


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