Second Life

For The Love of Ice Festival Exclusives & Gifts

The FTLO Ice Festival started on the 5th and store owners were asked to send blogger packs through the FTLO blogger group. Since I’m a vendor at the event and a blogger I grabbed the goodies too. These are the items!

First items are the armwarmers and boots from *Epic*. Both have sparkle scripts inside them so all these adorable pretty sparkles appear around them. The boots include an alpha layer which makes fitting them way easier. The hunt item from Epic is the hugable snowglobe shown on the left. The top on the left is from AJA, called ‘Icicle Shirt‘, which is their hunt gift at the event. The skirt is from Shit Luck and is not part of the event. Skin and hair are not part of the event, the hair is from Magika, called ‘Delora’ (which was free when I bought it) and the skin is from Heartsick (part of the Fab Free Xmas Shopping Tour and costs only 60L) Shape is my own. All slurls are to the mainstores.


The next items are a new release from Cool Beans and are available at the event and at the mainstore. They include 6 colours. They are called ‘Almost Nighties’ and are50L each or 225L for the fatpack. The green one with writing on is the group gift and available at the mainstore. The shoes are part of the outfit from Pom.Pon.

These dresses are another item from Cool Beans, called ‘Blue Ice Dress’ & ‘Pink Ice Dress’. Both cost 100L.

Pom.Pon only has two item out at the event but it’s worth it! The ‘Oh My… Snowflake Outfit‘, is a versatile outfit, with different options of ways to wear it. It can be worn as a dress, sweater and body suit, and worn with and without leggings! The outfit is exclusive 100L for FTLO event. The second item is a set of four free poses.

The exclusive item from Razorblade Jacket is this ‘Ice Dress’ which costs 100L. The second outfit might be the hunt gift but I’m not sure.

More items coming soon! <3