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For The Love Of Ice Festival Post #2

More goodies from the event!

First items are the tattoos from LiQSuM. ‘Sinfully Yours’ are available in faded and fresh colours. The hunt item from LiQSuM are the adorable knickers!

Next are the items from LOULOU&CO. Two bracelets called ‘BAIKAL‘ and necklace called ‘LENA‘.

ODB have two tshirts, two pairs of sticks and glasses.

Hunt gift from Zenith – two hat & scarf sets called ‘Workshop Nunu’

Below shows [ bubble ] ‘High – waisted skirt’ (exclusive) and the ‘Training Suit’.

The next items are from [aRAWRa] and are called ‘A little snowflake outfit’.

There are a few items from Babycakes. Two tops – ‘Christmas shirt’ & ‘Frost shirt’ which are the hunt items, a sleigh and christmas tree, both exclusive and cost 100L.

The final items in this post are from croire. First item is the ‘makeshift flagpoles’, these are texture change and different sizes. There are also options to use them as bunting without the poles. There is also a pack of poses called ‘pretty chilly’, created for prim jackets.

I still have a bunch more things to blog but I REALLY need to make stuff for my store so you will just have to wait for the rest! <3


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